Saturday, 30 July 2011

Check my butt.


Thanks Nat <3


Just another hour and my weekend starts!

I promised my sun a trip to Burger King, then home...

I'm in a mood to start a riot.

... although I may do some shopping on market place first. Priorities!

Meeting of the Grace Slick Appreciation Society

Tits or gtfo - Vicky bares all.

Leaf Dared me to run naked through the long grass. Or was it Korp? No matter, I was half naked before they finished the sentence. I just got a Tan Lines tattoo layer and spanked arse, so I didn't need much encouragement.

I didn't realize the sides of the sky box were phantom, so shortly after this I did my first naked sky dive. It's quite invigorating, feeling the wind rushing through your hair. Which reminds me, I must get a bikini wax.

For Leaf:-

For everyone's amusement, cos people seem to be searching for it ~ noodie pics!

Photo Grace Slick nude breast ~ Tits out!

Grace Slick Naked... possibly

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

I can't get my knickers in a twist... unfortunately

Don't you just hate it when your knickers go up your bum?
I'm a martyr to the panty wad.

But the other day I was in a place where the SL Big Beautiful Women go and I saw a nice plump girl with her Alan Wickers in a bunch. It was so cute! I want!

I have already been looking for decent underwear, there's no shortage of smalls on marketplace, but in my opinion, they are a load of pants. (Pun intended).

It was hard enough to find any good undies, but to to find panties that crease in the right places, that show a little too much cheek, knickers that are in the groove... damn near impossible.

I know, I know, you can get camel-toe pants. But thats not quite the point. In SL, the underwear layer does not stretch tightly across your buttocks, it follows the contours exactly right up the cleft. If that were to happen for real, you'd get folds of material at the top of your Dagenham-cleavage. Thats what I say, thats what looked soooooo cute, thats what I want. All crackers should be made this way.

If you see any, give me a shout!

If you are a clothing maker, pictured left is an project you can get your teeth into.


Thats more like it!

Slithering and Faking

During a rather spirited discussion, I had some accusations leveled at me that brought to mind an episode of one of the greatest TV promgrams evah!

John Steed had been shot in the chest, but sat himself up, reached into his inside pocket to show that a silver cigarette case had deflected the bullet. He then said something like...

"I don't smoke myself you understand, but always carry some cigarettes for my friends that do."

No, this isn't just a terrible line to explain why a non-smoker would have a silver cigarette case, that really is the kind of thing a gentleman would do, and Steed isn't nothing if not the consumate gentleman.

BTW - I don't pretend I could ever measure up to Steeds Standards! But I do try to be gentile, set people at ease and be good company. Being foul mouthed and telling dirty jokes does that far better than putting on airs and graces. Although I like to think I can provide intellegent conversation to those that enjoy it.

Anyway, it is not 'slithering' my way through life. And it's not an act -- it's a role. My blouse buttons up over many responsibilities, and I have to play many roles... daughter, mother, wife, boss, friend -- we all do it. I have to act differently in each role, but in each I can be true to myself and my values.

I may find myself discussing the trade union movement in Canada one moment, and talking about pouty piss-flaps the next. I'm pretty sure I can do both without being a fake.

More importantly, for the record... If I do turn on the charm, If I am throwing compliments in someone's direction, I may well be making a deliberate attempt to make them feel good, but I'm only ever sincere in what I say. I'm a soft-soap free zone.

I admit, if I am flattering someone, it may mean I want something! ;-)
But I pay my way, and I always try to give more than I take. If anybody really feels like I have short changed them, I'd really like to here about it. I make a point of admitting when I'm wrong and putting things right.

Still Smitten with Mrs Peel

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


There is ~ The Dells

I want to offer some advice girls... but I have a stinker of a cold and I'm struggling to stay awake, so I won't waffle on because in my current state I'm bound to say something stupid.

I'll keep it short and sweet.

Take stock. Stop think.
Remember the key to life is taking out the trash to make room for the good things, space and time.
Think who's on your side and who steals your time without giving anything back.
Remember that the amount of shit you can subject people to is directly proportional to the sweetness of your smile. Other people's goodwill is currency that you spend when you are down, so use your charm and wit to build up huge reserves when you are up.

Friday, 22 July 2011

My Baby Grrl

This is my Baby Grrl, the object of my facination and reason I have been so distracted recently.

I have owned her for only a week and I'm thrilled to bits with her, she is such a prize. So I'm proudly showing her off. I can't wait to get professional photos taken because this pic really doesn't do her justice. I don't think anyone can argue when I say she is just about the most gorgeous and unique creature you ever saw.

Oh, but she's not just eye candy. Her wit is as sharp as her teeth, she's intelligent, compitent and she has a creative streak a mile wide! I admit she's hard work, and sometimes requires a firm hand (rather than a short leash) but it's an exciting challenge to nurture her, it would be too much of a shame to let her tallents go to waste. There is so much more to her, and it's such a delicious challenge to try to discover her every facet and own them one by one.

I have a reputation to maintain, I take great pride in my appearance, my look, my attitude, I love to be different and I only tollerate the very finest things, so she suits me down to a tee. Her individuality, her grace, her spirit compliments me. She's perfect for me.

She's a grrl that takes skillful and careful handling -- she's not a pussy-cat, it's more like walking into a cage with a wild tiger. I have no idea why others have tried to break her and tame her? Only a philestine would want to dull her vitality and vibrance . She is absolutely magnificent, I love to hear her 'Rwar', and it makes it all the more rewarding when I can make her purr.

If you see her say hello, or just become mesmerized, I'm sure you'll adore her almost as much as I do... but hands off! She's mine.

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Quest for the Hairy Grail

We moved yesterday. As a convicted chubby chaser, it's an ideal place for me and I already know one for the neighbors, but as for the rest of them, I can only say, there are a lot of very funny people about.

So we got talking about tentacle sex, and I thought I may go try it out, after all, what can happen to me when I haven't even got a vagina.

"Damn! I haven't got a pussy!"

I was obviously aware that I was lacking a Tuna Taco, but had not previously felt any desire for a snatch of my own.

But suddenly I felt incomplete, like there was a hole inside... or to be more accurate, the lack of a hole. I felt humiliated, like I was somehow less-than a woman. I deserve a slit, I should have one. Muff isn't a privileged, it's a right.

But why would I need one? Would I even use it.... does that matter? Then I felt a bit pervy for wanting an item which is essentially for doing stuff on pose balls. It's fap-candy.

But then the anger welled up inside of me, "No, I won't feel guilty, It's my right, I want a CUNT!"

Yes we laughed about it my baby and I. We had seen them for sale in a shop a while ago, and giggled like school girls that there were a range of options... even sound effects. We wondered if we could get fart noises.

Then it occurred to me, if I'm going to get a smush mitten, I want it to be a good one, in fact it has to be the best beaver! I'm not going to have just any old rubbish between my legs.

"Now we know it fits like a glove,
we just have to find one in red."
It's unlikely that anyone will ever see my trim close up, let alone use it, but I'll know, I will know. So what to get? It's not something you normally get a chance to choose for yourself... then the thought hit me! I should let my significant other chose my love tunnel for me. After all, she's the cunny connoisseur, I'm sure she'll find me a gash as gorgeous as the rest of me, with flange that suits her delicate taste. Then I'll be sitting on something special... I'll cherish wear it always!

But where do you find SecondLife's premier poonani?  I'm sure there is likely to be the full range of minge available, a panacea of pootang. From mouse-ears to wizard sleeve, hospital corners to a clowns pocket, bacon kebab, camel toe, melon, Chewbacca, Hitler, Enoch and Vin Diesel (*winks at Chaz*).

So the quest is on for the perfect pudding mound, the cutest cooch - preferably a self cleaning model. I don't want to rush into anything, some serious research is called for. Choosing will be a tough job and we wouldn't want to make a ham-fist of it. Expert help is required, a wise woman with knowledge of such things... a slut of epic proportions with experience of handling pink-purse and flipping fur-burgers. If you know anyone, please put their name forward in the comments section. Meantime I'll be trawling the clip joints and titty bars.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

For the Win

The hansome stranger entered the saloon, Vicky swooned, but caught herself before spilling a drop of gin.

He eyed the room coldly. On seeing that it was empty he danced around like a gay babboon before expertly mounting the leather beast in the centre of the room.

The beast writhed and bucked between his leg. It was a magnificent sight. But I suppose I should tell you about the Bull - he fucking owned it!

Without breaking a sweat or laddering his tights, he headed for the stairs.

He allowed himself a smug wry smile as he tossed L$1 in the tip jar and disappeared... until next time.

Of bunnies and rabbits

Let me set the scene, there are a group of us sitting around watching building genius Leaf SpiritWeaver making a tiny scripted Were-Rabbit. And of course,  I had to make a wise-crack about Rabbits.

While Leaf thought we were talking about-

Vinter and Vicky were actually talking about-

[2011/07/18 15:30] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): awws

[2011/07/18 15:30] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): a bunnie

[2011/07/18 15:32] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): brith of a monster

[2011/07/18 15:35] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I love rabbits. It's the flappy ears you know, there get me right here.

[2011/07/18 15:35] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): omg!

[2011/07/18 15:36] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Babe!

[2011/07/18 15:36] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): naughty animation, not working properly

[2011/07/18 15:37] Daarc 'Riot Grrl' Dagger (daarc.dagger): I know :(

[2011/07/18 15:37] Daarc 'Riot Grrl' Dagger (daarc.dagger): lets get it!! Rawr >:3

[2011/07/18 15:37] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): okay dokay

[2011/07/18 15:37] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): hehe

[2011/07/18 15:37] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): me uuuer sleepy

[2011/07/18 15:37] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): i am sorry leaf

[2011/07/18 15:37] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): You off then V?

[2011/07/18 15:37] Leaf SpiritWeaver: Hm?

[2011/07/18 15:37] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): i have got to got to go bed

[2011/07/18 15:38] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Off to bed with your rabbit?

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): omg !

[2011/07/18 15:38] Leaf SpiritWeaver: sok

[2011/07/18 15:38] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): that good huh?

[2011/07/18 15:38] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I'll pass it to you soon

[2011/07/18 15:38] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): lol

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): :)

[2011/07/18 15:38] Leaf SpiritWeaver: Whatcha think so far?

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ♥

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ♥♥

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ♥♥♥

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ♥♥♥♥

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ♥♥♥♥♥ KORP!

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): :P

[2011/07/18 15:38] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I'm not sure the boys are getting the joke

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): love it

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): heheh

[2011/07/18 15:38] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): it's cool

[2011/07/18 15:38] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): no they not

[2011/07/18 15:39] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Vinter has a whole collection of rabbits in her bedroom

[2011/07/18 15:39] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): heheheh

[2011/07/18 15:39] Leaf SpiritWeaver: aww

[2011/07/18 15:39] Leaf SpiritWeaver: cute!

[2011/07/18 15:39] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): leaf

[2011/07/18 15:39] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): no no

[2011/07/18 15:39] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I do too

[2011/07/18 15:39] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehe

[2011/07/18 15:39] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I named one after Korp

[2011/07/18 15:39] Leaf SpiritWeaver: It's my favorite

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest) blushes

[2011/07/18 15:40] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): lol, he gets it I think

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I think it's the biggest too

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: yeah..ozimals rabbits?

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): not furry rabbits hun

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): (@_@) Love it!! (@_@)

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): - > LOL < -
[2011/07/18 15:40] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): yeah, he deffo gets it

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): vibrators

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): omg

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: O.O

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: OMG

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: Nooooo

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): heheheh

[2011/07/18 15:40] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Wooosh!

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ]oooh

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I have RABBITS

[2011/07/18 15:40] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehe

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: lol

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver: I named..oh god

[2011/07/18 15:40] Leaf SpiritWeaver reads back

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: OMG

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehehe

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): yes

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: that sounds AWFUL

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): we laffing

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): yes!

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: omg!!

[2011/07/18 15:41] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): oh god, wetting myself!

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: Let's...never speak of this >.>

[2011/07/18 15:41] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): biggest one huh?

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: OMG

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): sooo fun!

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): ahhahahha

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: was the first one I birthed

[2011/07/18 15:41] Leaf SpiritWeaver: omg

[2011/07/18 15:41] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehhe

[2011/07/18 15:42] Leaf SpiritWeaver: oy

[2011/07/18 15:42] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): LLLLLlllllOOOoooOOOllllLLLLL

[2011/07/18 15:42] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehehhehe

[2011/07/18 15:42] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Stop fucking digging!

[2011/07/18 15:42] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): yes

[2011/07/18 15:42] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): stop digging that whole

[2011/07/18 15:42] Vicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): oh it hurts!

[2011/07/18 15:43] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): lolol

[2011/07/18 15:43] Leaf SpiritWeaver blushes

[2011/07/18 15:43] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): i will tell korp all about this

[2011/07/18 15:43] νίℵтєя (vinter.tempest): hehehehhehe

[2011/07/18 15:43] HiroHaruto: lololol

[2011/07/18 15:43] Leaf SpiritWeaver: nooo

[2011/07/18 15:43] Leaf SpiritWeaver: lol

[2011/07/18 15:43] Leaf SpiritWeaver: omg

[2011/07/18 15:45] Leaf SpiritWeaver: Ok..he's modded

[2011/07/18 15:46] F.E. 3.0 - 2011 Charity Bunny: LyCan Bunneh! RAWWWER!

[2011/07/18 15:46] F.E. 3.0 - 2011 Charity Bunny: I'ma bitechoo! Izza full mooon! Gimmeh some Carrots, bish!

Maybe you had to be there, but I laughed so hard it hurt.

I take what I want

I have been singing all the morning, "I take what I want, I'm a bad go-getter yeah!", you better believe I am. This was daddy's secret weapon.

fuck yeah! агсл нуфр?

I swear that my old man sung more often that he talked, which wasn't much. One of my ealiest memories was him singing "Up the wooden hills to Bedforshire". Nothing else, just that, when it was time for me to go to bed, a traditon I have repeated with my own.

It wasn't until I was into into my teens that I'd discover that these were mostly real songs and not just some shit he made up.

He was always humming, whistling, tapping, strutting, dancing and occassionally You'd hear him sing out, really loud, a single line from a song, "The sun has got his hat on", "Hear comes the sun", "Polly put the kettle on", "Hi-ho silver lining", "Ride your pony, ride you pony", "Walking the dog", "My Ding-a-ling".

I spent hours on car journies with him and he always had tapes in his briefcase, he'd always sing along and arrive jolly and rubbing his hands together all excited. He was a complete work-a-holic and seemed completely unstopable until about 15 years ago when the big 'C' got him.

I started doing a bit for his company and one morning we were on the way to a meeting. He put on a Sam & Dave CD, stitched it off again, then turned to me and told me the secret... He told me he used music as a soundtrack to his life, to fill him with 'happy', and energy and drive.

"I'm never a loser, and never a quitter" - words to live by!

We listened to 'I take what I want' about 6 times, singing along at full voice, and strutted into the meeting, closed the deal and strutted out again still humming! Fuck yeah!

Fuck Yeah!

Apparently he had seen Sam & Dave live in the 60's and been humming ever since. Apparently, those live performances had inspired him -- thanks to Youtube I can see the enery.

Remember I said he sometimes used to sing "Ride your pony, ride you pony"? I have of course run across the song and thought, 'meh, it's so-so'. Then I found this video of Lee Dorsey on the Sam & Dave show-

Ah I get it! I guess when he was singing this he was feeling particualy driven, and it's likely
 mum was gonna get lucky when he got home!

I have played this over and over, remembering my dad, can't help but laugh.
Cheers Dad.

Monday, 18 July 2011

Message for Zeke

I don't give a shit, as long as it has a fucking beach k?

The less spent on rent, the more we can spare for sun block.
Pale is pretty, rosy and buff, fine and dandy.

Bloody Enoch, never even visits the house anyhow, ungrateful old git.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Honourable Mention

I knew I was going to be mentioned in an article, imagine my surprise when it turned out to be called "Son, about those hairy palms". My mind boggled just a little.

It turned out alright in the end though.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

My Outfits

Babydoll MidnightBeachMistressOfficeBodystockingGlamour Puss
Scarlett Dress Ellamistress 2bikini heartsBoHoHigh WaistWhite Dress
My Outfits, a set on Flickr.

I thought it would be a good idea, as I save outfits in folders, to take a snap so I can browse by looking rather than reading.

My wardrobe is a work-in-progress.

Photo Shoot

Look at me, told you I was hawt!

5943466122_5a8147d35e_o by Vicky Caramel
5943466122_5a8147d35e_o, a photo by Vicky Caramel on Flickr.

I was looking for something to blog about, and I needed some pics, when I heard that some friends were having some pictures taken. So I went to take a look, spanked Korp until he lent me L$500, and got this done.

I had no end of trouble getting the outfit to rez, and I was my usual ditzy self, but Natacha Haroldsen was very patient with me.

Here is the original snapshot:-


As you can see she has done a great job editing my arse and using curves to create a vintage glamorous feel. I'm chuffed to bits with it ~ definitely going back for more, as are my friends, so maybe we'll have a smexy group photo done too!

Kirakah, Vicky (me) and Vinter admiring the fine art work, and oogling my ass.

Natacha Haroldsen <-- click here to see more of her work.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Post #1

It's hard work being me today. I haven't had much online time, and I have spent it learning to use collars, cuffs, furniture... so many note cards. I wish I had bought the foot-rub pose balls now!

Well anyway, I'll be back to post more when I have pictures.