Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I take what I want

I have been singing all the morning, "I take what I want, I'm a bad go-getter yeah!", you better believe I am. This was daddy's secret weapon.

fuck yeah! агсл нуфр?

I swear that my old man sung more often that he talked, which wasn't much. One of my ealiest memories was him singing "Up the wooden hills to Bedforshire". Nothing else, just that, when it was time for me to go to bed, a traditon I have repeated with my own.

It wasn't until I was into into my teens that I'd discover that these were mostly real songs and not just some shit he made up.

He was always humming, whistling, tapping, strutting, dancing and occassionally You'd hear him sing out, really loud, a single line from a song, "The sun has got his hat on", "Hear comes the sun", "Polly put the kettle on", "Hi-ho silver lining", "Ride your pony, ride you pony", "Walking the dog", "My Ding-a-ling".

I spent hours on car journies with him and he always had tapes in his briefcase, he'd always sing along and arrive jolly and rubbing his hands together all excited. He was a complete work-a-holic and seemed completely unstopable until about 15 years ago when the big 'C' got him.

I started doing a bit for his company and one morning we were on the way to a meeting. He put on a Sam & Dave CD, stitched it off again, then turned to me and told me the secret... He told me he used music as a soundtrack to his life, to fill him with 'happy', and energy and drive.

"I'm never a loser, and never a quitter" - words to live by!

We listened to 'I take what I want' about 6 times, singing along at full voice, and strutted into the meeting, closed the deal and strutted out again still humming! Fuck yeah!

Fuck Yeah!

Apparently he had seen Sam & Dave live in the 60's and been humming ever since. Apparently, those live performances had inspired him -- thanks to Youtube I can see the enery.

Remember I said he sometimes used to sing "Ride your pony, ride you pony"? I have of course run across the song and thought, 'meh, it's so-so'. Then I found this video of Lee Dorsey on the Sam & Dave show-

Ah I get it! I guess when he was singing this he was feeling particualy driven, and it's likely
 mum was gonna get lucky when he got home!

I have played this over and over, remembering my dad, can't help but laugh.
Cheers Dad.

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