Friday, 22 July 2011

My Baby Grrl

This is my Baby Grrl, the object of my facination and reason I have been so distracted recently.

I have owned her for only a week and I'm thrilled to bits with her, she is such a prize. So I'm proudly showing her off. I can't wait to get professional photos taken because this pic really doesn't do her justice. I don't think anyone can argue when I say she is just about the most gorgeous and unique creature you ever saw.

Oh, but she's not just eye candy. Her wit is as sharp as her teeth, she's intelligent, compitent and she has a creative streak a mile wide! I admit she's hard work, and sometimes requires a firm hand (rather than a short leash) but it's an exciting challenge to nurture her, it would be too much of a shame to let her tallents go to waste. There is so much more to her, and it's such a delicious challenge to try to discover her every facet and own them one by one.

I have a reputation to maintain, I take great pride in my appearance, my look, my attitude, I love to be different and I only tollerate the very finest things, so she suits me down to a tee. Her individuality, her grace, her spirit compliments me. She's perfect for me.

She's a grrl that takes skillful and careful handling -- she's not a pussy-cat, it's more like walking into a cage with a wild tiger. I have no idea why others have tried to break her and tame her? Only a philestine would want to dull her vitality and vibrance . She is absolutely magnificent, I love to hear her 'Rwar', and it makes it all the more rewarding when I can make her purr.

If you see her say hello, or just become mesmerized, I'm sure you'll adore her almost as much as I do... but hands off! She's mine.