Friday, 26 August 2011

We have Freakbeat, Psychedelic and French stuff!

Stella, Korp, Sia, Vicky and Adrien
I spent another Night at 5:00. This time I brought reinforcements. We got an education in French Music... including these gems.

I have always said that you haven't had a really good time until you have been banned from a join... well I did at least manage to get my self on the Wall of Shame.

I my Hello Kitty undies, on the Wall of Shame.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

We got soul!

The Amazing Pilou and his Go-Go dancers -- Me, Pilou, Shahista 

I found Northern Soul!  And all was right with the world.

The 'It's 5:00 Somewhere' club, best Soul spot in Second Life.

Had an amazing night.All night, and into the morning.

Goths and Mods circa 1981

Those of you who know me will be well aware that my short term memory is fucked. I can remember things in 1970s and 1980s like they were happened yesterday, but I can't remember last week. I was just watching a video which I made about a year ago, I was asked why i wasn't promoting it more heavily... simple truth is i didn't know I had it, I have no recollection of making it, or even of seeing it before.

I thought I'd mention it again have met a lot of new people recently, I want you to know I am listening, I am paying attention, I just forget stuff. So don't think I don't care because I forget something really important to you. On the bright side, you know I'll always tell the truth, can you imagine what a bad liar I'd be? I could never get my stories straight!

Anyway, I was with a girl this week (lucky me, bless you) and she was recounting a story about 'the older girls' when she was little, about having a crush... I'm sure we have all been there.

Unfortunately, these older girls weren't very nice to her, but it triggered a different memory in me, from the very early 1980s.

Some of you won't be surpised when I say that i was just getting into fashion and music and became a Mod -- yeah! No kidding eh? It shows, I'm still sorta there aren't I?

Example (following a brief clip of the Undertones)

So there I was, about ten years old, in my Fred Perry and my monkey boots, and I guess I must have looked kinda cute because two groups of older girls took me under their wing.

One group were at school, but there was another group that used to hang around one of my mum's shops. My mum got to know them and was happy for me to hang out with them all day while she worked. Ha, I just remembered she would give us all money and we'd go off to Saturday Morning Pictures, then off to the chip shop where they served chips in newspaper. Well I did anyway, these girls would save the chip money and buy fags from the street vending machines. Would you believe that you could buy a single cigarette from a dispenser outside the news agents?

So anyway, they were all goths. I can picture it now, three of them sitting in a shop doorway hiding from the sun, just a huddled mass of black lace, make-up and hairspray. And she was right... I have such fond memories of the attention and affection, being looked after and coddled.

The funny thing is, it has left me with a very strange positive prejudice on Goths being cheerful, caring and cuddly. Of course, everybody knows, the summers were longer and hotter back then, so goths remind me of sunny days, R.White's Lemonade, the smell of chips, and this song, which is just superb.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Friday, 19 August 2011

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Falling deeper, slipping into dark ~ by Murki

I feel myself falling deeper slipping into the dark
The nightmares aren't getting better
I’m searching for any kind of spark
I know I need to light up my world
I know I need to be strong
I’m confused my minds swirled
Some days I feel like screaming
I knows there is a light…a way out of this pain
Some days I feel like giving up
I cant…I know there is a way…there has got to be something I can gain
I want to run free wind blowing my hair
But I feel myself falling deeper slipping into the dark
I learned early….life isn’t fair
I cant sleep…it hurts… too much agony
During the day…I fake a smile hide my pain
I know I got to act casually
I don’t understand why the nightmares wont stop
Did I deserve it? Why does it come back? IDK
But every time I dream that dream I feel my heart drop
Crying shaking cant be faking
Afraid to close my eyes
Its because of him I've been breaking
I feel myself falling deeper slipping into the dark
A poem by Murki
Somehow this song seems more appropriate than putting a picture with it.'s not Murki's choice you understand, but my way of giving it a happy ending.

Turtle Head

[18:36:17] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): I have turtlehead
[18:36:34] Vinny Caramel: ok, you better run to the lav then
[18:36:44] Vinny Caramel: tmi
[18:37:31] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): O.o
[18:37:37] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): wtf?
[18:37:45] Vinny Caramel: eh?
[18:38:08] Vinny Caramel: Was that someone else using your computer?
[18:38:19] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): no?
[18:38:41] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): I'm just confused about what turtlehead has to do with the lavatory?
[18:39:21] Vinny Caramel: errrr, in the UK, if you say you have Turtle head, it means you have a shit hanging out your arse
[18:39:40] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): EW
[18:39:43] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): ok...
[18:39:51] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): 1. Why is there a TERM for that??
[18:39:56] Vinny Caramel: I thought you needed a moment
[18:39:58] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): Is it that common!?!?!
[18:40:11] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): And 2. Why would anyone EVER admit that? O.O
[18:40:20] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): Poop is terrifying
[18:40:24] Vinny Caramel: yeah,, Mike Myres says it in one of the Austin Powers films
[18:40:46] Vinny Caramel: sorry, I am laughing so fucking hard
[18:41:13] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): When I say I have turtlehead (which I will probably never say again) I mean I'm sorta slow and dopey, and pull my head back in to think it over.
[18:41:15] Vinny Caramel: what did you mean?
[18:41:26] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): a turtle
[18:42:09] Vinny Caramel: oh my god, the tears are rolling
[18:42:13] Vinny Caramel: oh it hurts
[18:42:21] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): lol...this ALWAYS happens with us
[18:42:43] Vinny Caramel: I'm glad it does
[18:43:07] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): too, kinda. If I have to say dumb things, I'm glad someone gets a chuckle

Thursday, 11 August 2011

You thought i was joking?


When I said I wanted a Go-Go dancer, did you really think i was joking?

Oh no. Vinter had an alt which she used as a clothes horse, so she fixed me a shape, and i gave her L$2000 to go and get her a skin and some clothes. The result was the adorable Poppy.

I then made a prim, stuck an animation in it and a script borrowed form a chair - next I downloaded a text browser and set the preferences so she would auto sit on an object, in this case the pose ball.

Now when i load her in my text browser she pops up onto my coffee table and dances. I wasn't  happy with her belly dance but luckily Prometheus83 came to the rescue. there is still room for improvement but it's a great start.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Congratulations Leaf and Korp

Mr and Mr, Korp & Leaf

Poly, Elle, Sheila, Vicky, Korp, Leaf, Ocsy, Lurch, Kira, Vitto (Sorry Muffin! Lost you!)

More photos to follow....

Now with Blueberry Muffin!

Leaf's Photos - Oscelot's Photos - Vicky's Photos


I Loved and I Lost

I love and i lost ~ The Impressions

I confess... I fucking hate to lose. I'll worry about it tomorrow, I have a wedding to go to and nothing is going to stop me having a good time. :)

A song for Murki

Here's a slight departure from my normal posts...

It's a song/rap/poem by one of my girls. It contains the line, "two pieces in my mind fightin fuk this war", and it occurred that one of those pieces should gtfo.

I know that for some people it helps to scream it out, or at least write it down. But once you have written down, you don't hang onto it, you don't put it in your profile. Let me take it from you and put it over here so your sweet side has room to be creative. :)

Illustration by Gustave DorĂ© from Orlando Furioso

Im goin crazy
my minds kinda foggy kinda floozy
feelin like bangin my head on da floor
two pieces in my mind fightin fuk this war
no one there to listen…anyone out there....
fuk no.... its just me…dont know what to do
tired of feeling alone wishin i can ease the pain wit da brew
but nooo.... got the responibilities hangin over my head
idk how long i can surive…dont wanna be alone…been told im better off dead
whoes to know how long ima last fuk this war

This war is killing me
Cant u see baby
My mind is going crazy
Somebody save me
war has taken its toll taking its toll
Bringin me down like a black hole

This war is killing me
Cant you see baby
My minds going crazy
Somebody save me
War has takin its toll
Bringing me down like a black hole

gettin lame…all the lies…me takin the blame
i wanna express myself but how idk how
can anyone hear me…im screemin i wanna be saved
this pain…this game…dont wanna be slaved
the nightmares never stop…the good times never last
i go into a crowd feelin left out…know ima outcast
tired of bein scared…runnin from my feelings…tired of this mask
this mask burns…i want it off my face…how do i complete this impossible task

This war is killing me
Cant you see baby
My minds going crazy
Somebody save me
War has takin its toll taking its toll
Bringing me down like a black hole

This war is killing me
Cant you see baby
My minds going crazy
Somebody save me
War has takin its toll
Bringing me down like a black hole

i know im gettin stronger one day ima blow…ya i let these tears flow freely
not ashamed of cryin…just ashamed u enjoy it…soon ima walk away calmy
u wont know what hit u til im gone…the day im strong…gonna walk away…the day ima go wit a smile on mi face
i know u dont believe me…now i know u think im still trapped one by one the bars are breakin….im done bein a disgrace
who knows how long ima last fuk this war

I think it's very expressive and soulful. Feedback has been requested, so please leave comments.
If you don't have a goodle account please IM me and i'll add on your behalf.

The cavalry is on it's way!

I want...

Liar Liar ~ The Castaways

I want... go-go dancers!

I want them at home, I want them when I'm out, I want them when I make an entrance.

Bells on their fingers and rings on their toes.
She shall have go-go where ever she goes.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Serious Politics

America is bullshit. They tried to legalize torture in the name of national security! For fucks sake!

Blah, they don't give a fuck about national security, it shows.

Let me tell you about national security, 1901, that's when the UK realized that health and wealth was a matter of national security. The lessons learnt in those dark days of the Boer War led to socialized National Healthcare and the Welfare system.

Yah! Step back a mo. What could be a bigger issue of National Security that making sure the people, your workforce, potential soldiers are fit and healthy?
What's the point in defending a nation that doesn't have it?

And what about utilities and transport?
Here in the UK the gypsies have been steeling copper off the railways. It's a threat to our transportation systems, apparently they have the Secret Intelligence Services working on it, it's that important!

As for Utilites... I heard a whisper that back in the 1970s, SIS told the IRA that if they went after the National Grid, the gloves would come off... helicopter rides over the Atlantic.

If power goes out, it can cost business billions.

Now look at the US - they reject moves towards a Nationalized system of free healthcare.

Despite Obama trying to put money into infrastructure, they still struggle to get railways built.

As for their National grid, it's so delicate that it can hardly weather a storm. It's so vulnerable... if a lard arse with an air conditioner can cause an outage, just think what a terrorist with a map and a length of cable could do.

It's a disgrace! But worse still, as long as Ohio is blacked out,  my hottie can't get online, and I can't get laid.

For this reason alone, I plead that you write to your congessman, your State Govenour, demand a public enquiry. Because if you think al Qaeda are nasty, you should getta load of me when I'm not getting any. I'm a bitch!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My word is law, here at least.

I believe that respect needs to be earned... but in my own home, my own bedroom... I demand to be treated me with reverence. My house -- my fucking rules.

I trusted someone, allowed them into my sactury while I was naked and vulnerable, frozen on a pose stand.

The bare minimum I'd expect is common courtesty, but if they can't even ask for consent before splashing me with thier dick, I don't even want to know people like that exist.

"Scum" isn't a word filthy enough.

I don't care what the intent was. It's unforgivable.

How did it make be feel? Well seeing myself being sprayed with cum made be feel a little sick, appart from that I felt foolish for reaching out and befrending somebody who had so little respect for my SL that they feel they can wipe their dirty boot on it despite my protests.

I felt that my beautiful home, the place I had made cosy, warm, safe, had been defiled, polluted with filth.
I felt outraged that somebody I was showing kindness to, showed no consideration to my feelings and treated me with no respect.

Worst of all, worse than the idea that they may consider me worthless and fit only for abuse, is that they may have thought my mind to be as depraved and disgusting as theirs.

I have security now. I hope you will all understand if the white list is very, very short.

Oh don't worry, I'm a tough old Doris, I'm over it already.  But I don't tolerate people taking liberties. Think of me what you want, but you still require my consent, and no always means no.