Tuesday, 2 August 2011

My word is law, here at least.

I believe that respect needs to be earned... but in my own home, my own bedroom... I demand to be treated me with reverence. My house -- my fucking rules.

I trusted someone, allowed them into my sactury while I was naked and vulnerable, frozen on a pose stand.

The bare minimum I'd expect is common courtesty, but if they can't even ask for consent before splashing me with thier dick, I don't even want to know people like that exist.

"Scum" isn't a word filthy enough.

I don't care what the intent was. It's unforgivable.

How did it make be feel? Well seeing myself being sprayed with cum made be feel a little sick, appart from that I felt foolish for reaching out and befrending somebody who had so little respect for my SL that they feel they can wipe their dirty boot on it despite my protests.

I felt that my beautiful home, the place I had made cosy, warm, safe, had been defiled, polluted with filth.
I felt outraged that somebody I was showing kindness to, showed no consideration to my feelings and treated me with no respect.

Worst of all, worse than the idea that they may consider me worthless and fit only for abuse, is that they may have thought my mind to be as depraved and disgusting as theirs.

I have security now. I hope you will all understand if the white list is very, very short.

Oh don't worry, I'm a tough old Doris, I'm over it already.  But I don't tolerate people taking liberties. Think of me what you want, but you still require my consent, and no always means no.