Saturday, 6 August 2011

Serious Politics

America is bullshit. They tried to legalize torture in the name of national security! For fucks sake!

Blah, they don't give a fuck about national security, it shows.

Let me tell you about national security, 1901, that's when the UK realized that health and wealth was a matter of national security. The lessons learnt in those dark days of the Boer War led to socialized National Healthcare and the Welfare system.

Yah! Step back a mo. What could be a bigger issue of National Security that making sure the people, your workforce, potential soldiers are fit and healthy?
What's the point in defending a nation that doesn't have it?

And what about utilities and transport?
Here in the UK the gypsies have been steeling copper off the railways. It's a threat to our transportation systems, apparently they have the Secret Intelligence Services working on it, it's that important!

As for Utilites... I heard a whisper that back in the 1970s, SIS told the IRA that if they went after the National Grid, the gloves would come off... helicopter rides over the Atlantic.

If power goes out, it can cost business billions.

Now look at the US - they reject moves towards a Nationalized system of free healthcare.

Despite Obama trying to put money into infrastructure, they still struggle to get railways built.

As for their National grid, it's so delicate that it can hardly weather a storm. It's so vulnerable... if a lard arse with an air conditioner can cause an outage, just think what a terrorist with a map and a length of cable could do.

It's a disgrace! But worse still, as long as Ohio is blacked out,  my hottie can't get online, and I can't get laid.

For this reason alone, I plead that you write to your congessman, your State Govenour, demand a public enquiry. Because if you think al Qaeda are nasty, you should getta load of me when I'm not getting any. I'm a bitch!