Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Turtle Head

[18:36:17] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): I have turtlehead
[18:36:34] Vinny Caramel: ok, you better run to the lav then
[18:36:44] Vinny Caramel: tmi
[18:37:31] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): O.o
[18:37:37] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): wtf?
[18:37:45] Vinny Caramel: eh?
[18:38:08] Vinny Caramel: Was that someone else using your computer?
[18:38:19] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): no?
[18:38:41] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): I'm just confused about what turtlehead has to do with the lavatory?
[18:39:21] Vinny Caramel: errrr, in the UK, if you say you have Turtle head, it means you have a shit hanging out your arse
[18:39:40] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): EW
[18:39:43] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): ok...
[18:39:51] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): 1. Why is there a TERM for that??
[18:39:56] Vinny Caramel: I thought you needed a moment
[18:39:58] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): Is it that common!?!?!
[18:40:11] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): And 2. Why would anyone EVER admit that? O.O
[18:40:20] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): Poop is terrifying
[18:40:24] Vinny Caramel: yeah,, Mike Myres says it in one of the Austin Powers films
[18:40:46] Vinny Caramel: sorry, I am laughing so fucking hard
[18:41:13] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): When I say I have turtlehead (which I will probably never say again) I mean I'm sorta slow and dopey, and pull my head back in to think it over.
[18:41:15] Vinny Caramel: what did you mean?
[18:41:26] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): slow..like a turtle
[18:42:09] Vinny Caramel: oh my god, the tears are rolling
[18:42:13] Vinny Caramel: oh it hurts
[18:42:21] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): lol...this ALWAYS happens with us
[18:42:43] Vinny Caramel: I'm glad it does
[18:43:07] Varg (leaf.spiritweaver): lol...me too, kinda. If I have to say dumb things, I'm glad someone gets a chuckle