Friday, 23 September 2011

I'm the one to do it - yes I am!

Lavern Baker ~ I'm the one to do it.

Because Mefanwy doesn't have sound, the Lyrics (hand typed by me, I know them by heart)

I say baby if you are feeling blue,
and you think love has walked out on you,
Baby just keep the faith,
because sadness can be replaced,
I know I'm not a magician,
but i can straighten out your condition - come on and see me now.

I'm the one to do it, yes I am,
I'm the one you have been looking for.

If you need some reassurance,
then I'm the girl to see,
I can't stop wars my darling,
but i sure know how to end misery,
I know you're not an Einstein,
but I figured out a way to give you peace of mind - come and get me now baby.

I'm the one to do it, Oh darling,
I'm the one ya looking for.

You're riding in a boat of blue,
Don't you think I've been in that same boat too?
I've you've been a victim of neglect,
and you're looking for a sweet girl with love and respect - come and check me out baby.

I'm the one to do it, Oh you better believe it,
I'm the girl that you've been looking for.
I'm the one to do it, Oh believe me,
I've got everything you need baby.
Oh come and get me my darling,
I've got all the love I can give you.