Sunday, 25 September 2011


On the left is my old skin (Rod Studios - Alexia - Peach) With Reflex blue eyes.

I always loved the skin but i felt that some of the people I have around me have a definite edge.

On careful consideration, it was the cleavage which let me down, and maybe the eyes.

I saw Vinter trying on a Al Vulo skin and from a few angles, she really looked like me. You see thats the problem, I want to improve but still want to be recognizable as Vicky.

I got a lighter version of the skin she had been wearing, Lilli Natural Milk. I'm happy with the cleavage, but I have had to sacrifice my freckles. On balance I think it's worth it.

As for the eyes, I tried to pick a pair which matched my RL eyes. they were a bit light (pictured left). So the new me, the compromise is in the middle of the above picture.