Monday, 26 December 2011

B's Fetish Wear by Bhadragura Rodenberger

I have been meaning to do it for a while, when I find a shop I like, do a bit of an article with some photos. And why not, I do tend to pillage a shop when I find a place I like.

Having bumped into Bhadragura Rodenberger this morning and recognizing her name, I decided to revisit her store. After all, it is Boxing day, I knew it was going to be quiet. You can visit B's store in marketplace here, or inworld here.

Grey Mini Corset Dress

Grey Corset Mini Dress

Vintage Black Lace Corsage

Corsage Murano

Corsage Murano
Corsage Cologne

Leather Corset Dress

Retro Black Striped Skirt

Le Soir

Le Soir

Gown Set Lucy

Countess Rubber Gown
 Bhadragura told me that she is busy making new shoes -- I have tried a pair of her shoes and unfortunately, couldn't get on with them. And as yet, I haven't tried her bondage equipment, which looks very interesting. Definitely worth a visit because the clothing is very good, and exceptional value for money.

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