Thursday, 22 December 2011

Coffee in Venice

Ms Caramel blushed a little as the waitress brought the coffee, it wasn't that she was a pretty slender Italian who fluttered her eye-lids. It was because Gertrude had tried so hard to look nice with her gloves and pearls, and thick makeup. Blue eye shadow! What was she thinking?

Vicky leaned back in her chair and stared intently at Gertrude over her espresso. "Do remind you to take you shopping for some make up Miss Dreier, if you are to be seen out with me, we must have you looking your very best."

Gertrude shifted uncomfortably, leaned away, averting her gaze, looking out across the canal, then leaned forward hiding her face with her hand. She could feel her cheeks become warm, her neck stiffened, her heart pounded, and an ache come to the backs of her legs -- she crossed them tight and realized that the adrenalin, with no place else to go was making her foot wave up and down. Her sandal was slapping her sole.

As she realized she glanced back up at Vicky who was waiting to meet her eyes with a sour look of disappointment.  Without breaking eye contact Vicky raised herself up, leaned in closer across the table, then moving her gaze downwards into Gertrude's lap. "Have you got something wrong with you?"

"No Ma'am" she whispered.

Vicky's face softened into a kind smile, "There's a lovely view from here.... Your thighs look delicious in those stockings". She winked and tried not to laugh. "Very nice."

"Sorry Ma'am, thank you Ma'am" She stuttered as she quickly covered herself, "You did say that Venice... I have been saving my allowance... I went shopping this morning."

"You visited some boutiques did you? Bought yourself some underwear? You are learning Gertie! Wunderbar underwear makes you feel wunderbar." she said mocking Gertrude's heavy German accent. She raised her coffee cup to her mouth, then paused. "You must show me later, let me see where my money is going."

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