Sunday, 25 December 2011

Men of the world

American Men

An American: hi
Vicky Caramel: Hi
An American: how r u
Vicky Caramel: i R gr8
An American: good!
Vicky Caramel: Glad it makes you happy.
An American: would you be interested in this boy Miss?
Vicky Caramel: Interested? I looked at your profile... it's blank. Nothing interesting there at all.
An American: im very obedient Miss
Vicky Caramel: Did you read my profile?
An American: no Miss.
Vicky Caramel: Well?
An American: i don't read profiles, I prefer to have good conversations
Vicky Caramel: Conversation? You got to be kidding!


German Men

A German: Hi
Vicky Caramel: Hi
A German: How are you?
Vicky Caramel: I am fine thank you.
A German: I am a very loyal and obedient slave Madame.
Vicky Caramel: Did you read my profile?
A German: Oh, you only take girls
Vicky Caramel: I know
A German: I have no limits. You can fist me in the arse.
Vicky Caramel: What makes you think I'd want to do that?
A German: You can cut my dick of or kill me, I don't mind.
Vicky Caramel: I do!


Italian Men

An Italian: You are very beautiful.
Vicky Caramel: I know
An Italian: You have a nice ass
An Italian: I love older women, so sexy
An Italian: I love you big its
Vicky Caramel: Thats nice dear.
An Italian: I have a castle. would you like to see?
Vicky Caramel: Did you read my profile?
An Italian: Yes
Vicky Caramel: And?
An Italian: Very sexy pictures, you are beautiful lady
Vicky Caramel: What part of 'Lesbian' are you not getting?
An Italian: Why don't we go somewhere beautiful and talk about it.
Vicky Caramel: Yeah, lets not.

Based on real conversations at the Bondage Ranch.


Ghetto man

(after deliberately pushing me)
[17:35:31] Ghetto man : I did not mean to push you
[17:36:19] Ghetto man : I dont persay like Mistresses nor believe in them but I am not rude
[17:37:28] Vinny Caramel: What do you mean you don't believe in Mistresses?
[17:38:24] Ghetto man : well to be honest I think they are a peice of shit on a sim if you want my honest answer
[17:39:08] Vinny Caramel: Well it's honest. And it tells me a lot about you.
[17:39:22] Ghetto man : Good I hope it was clear
[17:39:49] Ghetto man : but sorry for bumping you I know you like to stand front and center
[17:39:58] Vinny Caramel: yep
[17:40:14] Ghetto man : attention seeker I read your site
[17:40:22] Ghetto man : I laughed the whole day
[17:40:38] Ghetto man : have a good day
[17:40:48] Vinny Caramel: uh-hu... Sorry, who is being an attention seeker? You want a reaction?
[17:41:27] Ghetto man : No I was just saying I am sorry I dont like to talk to wannabe men so you are now muted
[17:42:18] Vinny Caramel:  I don't wannabe a man, but I'm more of a man than you'll ever be.

(Continued in local)

[2011/12/25 17:43] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): So Outcast.... you really muted me?
[2011/12/25 17:44] Onyx (onyx.kelberry): Vicky he aint worth talking to anyway
[2011/12/25 17:44] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Really, you send me insults by IM and mute me so I can't respond?
[2011/12/25 17:44] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Frightened of how I might show you up?
[2011/12/25 17:45] Doro (doro.blackheart): outcast´s brain is smaller than his dick^^
[2011/12/25 18:01] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Outcast - Your head is tiny. Suits you actually.

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