Saturday, 29 December 2012

Why 'Feminism' is poisoning Atheism

Feminism has evolved into a vehicle for professional victims and attention whores. Ans while in India women are gang raped on public transport... the target of their activism is... The skeptical community, which is by-and-large egalitarian, humanist.

Atheism needs feminists like a fish needs a bicycle.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Mood music.

Isaacnoroncaasi left a comment on Paul Martin's It Happened that he couldn't understand the words and he wished somebody would write them down. I had been thinking the same thing for a while. I was going to do it but kept putting it off, but then it happened.

It took about 20 listens but I think I got pretty close, this is my best guess. Having worked out the lyrics, it really is pretty sinister. I'm sure some of the people I argue with on YouTube would call this 'rape apologetics', while I would prefer to call it a cautionary tale. He calls himself an 'total slum' so I don't think he is really glamorizing the situation whatever it might be. If you are looking for misogyny, go look at Mick Jagger's lyrics. I have also written the lyrics for I'm not what you are by Jason Merrick because I feel this fits with the theme. Both songs are snarling and angry... rather far from peace, love and flower-power.

Paul Martin-It Happened

I made it clear, that you should stay away,
from me, but I should see a day,
that a time would come, heartaches strong,
the total slum, of what I am.

In deference to, your young age,
I warned you then, I'd take advantage,
then you got too close, you get burnt,
and that your honour, would be in tatters,

You didn't listen,
You know it happened,
you know, you know, you know, you know it happened.

Now your childhood is gone, forever,
What's done is done, and never,
we had a chance, to dance the dance,
to choose a path, of who'll you'll be,

You didn't listen,
You know it happened,
you know, you know, you know, you know it happened.

Jason Merrick & The Finders - I'm Not What You Are

Don't turn your nose up when I your away,
Don't think I don't know what your laughing whispers say,
Why do you think you're so much better than I,
When the life you live is only just a lie.

You want a big house, and to drive a fast car,
You're strictly bourgeois, in society you'll go far,
but to me you're a no-one,in this love forsaken world,
your heart is filled with selfishness,and your mind is so curled,
you're not a real person, and I'm not what you are.

No, no, no, no, aghhh!

You can't understand that your meaning of life,
Your ideals are distorted, for you there's no strife,
As long as you have money there is no pain,
To you a precious love is only just a game,

You can step on someone and not think twice,
As long as your goals reached, well, then it's alright,
You can pretend for others you feel despair,
But deep down inside you don't really care.
You're not a real person, and I'm not what you are.

No, no, I can never be what you are, get away. aghhh!

No, no, no, aghhh! Get away!

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Meanwhile in the holy land...

Right after US elections, right before Israeli elections, and after a period of peace. On November 8th, a 12 year old Palestinian child is murdered while playing football by an Israeli army sniper. Hamas retaliates with improvised rockets.

Two days later, Israel kills two more children, again they were just playing football. Hamas retaliates with more rockets, it is all they have. Israel responds with extra judicial killings and artillery, air strikes and naval bombardment of one of the most densely populated places on earth, where half population are children.

I have followed this for years, there is no doubt Israel targets children in order to provoke the Palestinians and thus use it as an excuse for bombardments and incursions, which they claim are self defence, but in reality are an attempt to harass Palestinians into leaving. It's ethnic cleansing.

The extra-judicial killings are against international law, the fact they do little to avoid collateral damage is a war crime. The occupation is illegal, the building of settlements is against the Hague Convention, and the whole situation is basically apartheid. Targeting children is more than just against international law, it is an affront to human decency. There is no doubt, Zionism is despicable, Israel is a shit stain on human history, and the fact that the western world turns a blind eye shames us as a species.

The only good news is that Israel has already lost. In their attempt to annex Palestinian land to create a greater Israel, they have made a two-state-solution impossible. And a one-state-solution means a Palestinian majority. Kiss goodbye to the Jewish state... the very idea of which should make any thinking person cringe.

Thats why there is apartheid. If you thought the South Africans were scum, at least they didn't shell the townships.

Lets keep in mind... Palestine does not officially exist. There is no Palestinian state. And Israel has no declared borders, but it controls the borders of Gaza and the West Bank, and these two 'disputed areas' are controlled by checkpoints, watch towers, army bases, and a network of Israeli settlements and settler only roads. It has gone way beyond occupation. Regardless of how it is drawn on a map, the Palestinians live a series of refugee camps within Israel. They are disallowed representation within Israel, often they are denied access to hospitals, medical supplies, food, and the settlers even pump their sewage into the Palestinian's water supplies.

This has gone on for sixty years and we keep letting them get away with it, and you wonder why people strap bombs to them self? They have nothing left but their anger and their religion. We all suffer for this.

Top Ten Myths about Israeli Attack on Gaza

It makes me sick.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ear Worms

Don't get me wrong, I do like my women with functioning vaginas, but after having that song in my head for about three weeks now, enough is enough.

I deserve a break and I got one. This morning when I saw Ohhhmmmm and said, "Hello stranger" I got myself an instant ear worm. And a rather pleasant one at that.

Barbara Lewis ~ Hello Stranger

Considering what I said to here, it is no great mystery where this earworm came from. And so it was stuck in my head all day... and then later I was talking to Becca when Oooohhhhmmm showed up again and I told her U had myself an earworm and that I'd blog about it later.

Within minutes I found I had a new earworm.... and I'm not even going to attempt to offer explanation. I'm gonna stop digging!

The Wet Spots ~  Do You Take It?

Monday, 5 November 2012

More random pics

Zombie Hunter Outfit

My girls

James Bond party

In my latex cat suit with the golden gun replica made for me out of mesh my Linn.

Linn dancing in a glass in opening credits style.
Becca as dead golden girl

Sunday, 28 October 2012

James Bond in Ska, Soul and Jazz

Tributes to 007 in music.
Jackie Mitto and the Soul Brothers ~ From Russia with Love

James Bond ~ Roland Alphonso

Bobby Aitken ~ Thunderball

Tommy McCook ~ Goldfinger

Desmond Dekker and the Aces ~ 007 (Shanty Town)

Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers ~ Sock It To`Em J B (Part One)

Jimmy Smith ~ Goldfinger Part 1

Count Basie - From Russia With Love

Count Basie - 007

Ramsey Lewis ~ From Russia with Love

and finally...
John Barry ~ From Russia with Love (organ version)


I decided a while ago that I want my girls to start keeping something like a slave diary. I think diaries are a bit hard work, but when I have told one of my girls what's what, I want them to write it down and make it permanent and public.

I have been busy recently and so have my girls, so although I thought of this about a month ago it has been slow progress getting this up and running. But I'm pleased to say that my #04 girl has made a good start.

You can take a look here. Please take a look because I'm so proud of this. I own her body and her soul, I know and she knows it, and this little website is my way of showing off my possession, and giving her the opportunity to show just how much I own her completely.

I love it, it's a work in progress that I can tune and tweak, and keep adding to. It is early days yet but already I think it's beautiful.

This is why I come here. This kind of thing makes it all worth while. Sometimes I find myself talking to a Domme who is in the scene in the real world and I feel like a bit of a fraud, like what I'm doing is all make-believe. But this makes it real, it makes me feel like an owner. This makes me feel like a Domme... it excites me and makes me want to keep on going.

I'm so proud of this.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Making time

I am so very happy with Linn. Yesterday I put her through an ideal... a very difficult real life task, and despite handling that shit, she still found time to make this lovely Grandfather clock. Despite being rather tipsy, she went for perfection, making sure she got it absolutely right. She had lots of difficulties with the movement, and I didn't think she would be able to do it, but playing around with it for a while paid off in the end.


[03:47:46] dominique: hello Miss
[03:48:19] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Hello dear
[03:48:38] dominique: you have a good look Miss
[03:49:28] dominique: Miss, you seek a slave?
[03:49:38] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Isn't dominique a girls name?
[03:50:28] dominique: women and male
[03:50:58] dominique: i have no limite Miss
[03:51:06] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I do
[03:52:30] dominique: okey.. good day Miss
[04:00:29] dominique: i think you are not a Mistress
[04:01:20] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I'm sorry darling, you seem to have mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit.
[04:03:24] dominique: wouaa !! you have a problème, bye

And my problem is.....?

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Got steam!

I want one of these, it could power all manner of diabolical machines.

Monday, 8 October 2012

In my email

From Nina while I was at work ~ "just a big baby and a statue wanting there owner. =^.^=" 
From Becca while I was sleeping  ~ "figured I would help around the house..  :)"


Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Sweeney

I don't think it will mean much to young people when I say that I get really pissed off when the movie industry remakes old classics from the 1960s and 1970s. But it does really, really piss me off!

I guess this is probably because it is hard to understand how important some of these programs are. Back in the 1970s, there were no computers or home video games to distract you. I used to spend most of my time drawing.  There were only three TV channels, and much of what was show must have been total crap because I don't remember it. After the kids shows finished, my parents would choose what we would watch... Thursday nights we would all sit down to watch Top of the Pops, and of course the Muppet Show was on Saturday night. We would always watch Morcambe & Wise, The Two Ronnies, and of course Porridge. My mum might want to watch Upstairs, Downstairs, or When the boat comes in (Which were really fucking bleak!).

But in my house, when dad wanted to watch something, it was a real event.He wouldn't have anyone making a noise, so we would all sit down in front of the TV. Food would be provided, at the very least it was sweets and crisps. Or he might bring home crab from the fishmonger, or in the winter he would roast chestnuts.

So when Budgie, Callan or The Sweeney came on, it was the highlight of the week. It is more than just nostalgia for me. Just hearing the theme tune stirs deep feelings. It is warm and comforting.

Aside from that, a program like the Sweeney was a product of it's time. How can you remake it and set it in 2012? It is just lazy, it is just trying to cache in. I really wish they would use their imaginations and come up with something original. The Sweeney is more than just a TV show. It's more than a cult classic.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results ~ Artisan

Artisans are the temperament with a natural ability to excel in any of the arts, not only the fine arts such as painting and sculpting, or the performing arts such as music, theater, and dance, but also the athletic, military, political, mechanical, and industrial arts, as well as the "art of the deal" in business.

Artisans are most at home in the real world of solid objects that can be made and manipulated, and of real-life events that can be experienced in the here and now. Artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands. They seem right at home with tools, instruments, and vehicles of all kinds, and their actions are usually aimed at getting them where they want to go, and as quickly as possible. Thus Artisans will strike off boldly down roads that others might consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals. This devil-may-care attitude also gives the Artisans a winning way with people, and they are often irresistibly charming with family, friends, and co-workers.

Artisans want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. They believe that variety is the spice of life, and that doing things that aren't fun or exciting is a waste of time. Artisans are impulsive, adaptable, competitive, and believe the next throw of the dice will be the lucky one. They can also be generous to a fault, always ready to share with their friends from the bounty of life. Above all, Artisans need to be free to do what they wish, when they wish. They resist being tied or bound or confined or obligated; they would rather not wait, or save, or store, or live for tomorrow. In the Artisan view, today must be enjoyed, for tomorrow may never come.

There are many Artisans, perhaps 30 to 35 percent of the population, which is good, because they create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Artisans at Work
Artisans seek to make an impact upon the organizations where they work and upon society at large. Their alertness to current realities, the joy they take in variation, and their tendency to follow their instincts to 'what works' make them good troubleshooters and negotiators, talented performers and craftspeople and excellent leaders in all kinds of emergencies and chaotic situations.

In the workworld, it is often the "mechanics" of things draws your interest and attention. You have an uncanny ability to manipulate the world of objects around you, especially with your hands and body. Your master of the tools of your trade allows you to do things other people find risky or difficult. Although you appreciate a sense of order, you have little tolerance for routine. Artisans like you tend to break out of the arbitrary confines of some workplaces impulsively.

Another Keirsey Test


You scored 7 Extravert, 13 Sensing, 19 Thinking, and 12 Judging

The Keirsey Test says you are/have:

Extravreted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.

E: An E for extraversion probably means you relate more easily to the outer world of people and things than to the inner world of ideas.

S: An S for sensing probably means you would rather work with known facts than look for possibilities and relationships.

T: A T for thinking probably means you base your judgments more on impersonal analysis and logic than on personal values.

J: A J for the judging attitude probably means you like a planned, decided, orderly way of life better than a flexible, spontaneous way.

NOTE: If you got a 5 for Extraversion, or a 10 for Sensing, Thinking, or Judging, then you actually get an X in place of that letter. This means that you scored equally extraverted/introverted, etc.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Need a pick-me-up

Hopefully a little garage will do the trick.

The Squires - Going all the way

Kenny & the Kasuals ~ Things Gettin' Better

The Starfires ~ I never did lover her

The Rogues ~ It's The Same All Over The World

Another personality test (BDSM)

Another test! It's been a slow day!

You Scored as Dominant
Dominant |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 96%
Exhibitionist / Voyeur |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Experimental |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Sadist ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 79%
Switch ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 39%
Bondage |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 36%
Degradation ||||||||||||||||||||||||| 25%
Masochist |||||||||||||||||| 18%
Vanilla |||||||||||||| 14%
Submissive ||||||||||| 11%

This test seems to have a flaw. How can I be 96% dominant, 11% submissive, yet still 39% switch?

I know where they went wrong. The questions confuse my will and desire to please my sub with being submissive. Being selfish isn't being dominant. Having the ability to please and satisfy, to control emotions and pleasure is power. I like to exercise that power. I think the test has taken questions regarding my consideration for a partner and bumped up my sub and switch score.

I made a kink list

You can find it here.

I just copied a pretty good list, added some obvious omissions which I have encountered over the last few years. And asked some more probing questions about some of the more extreme fetishes.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the list yet, but you may want to take a look. Who knows, you may even want to fill it in. I'd appreciate any feedback about ways to improve it.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's about that time of year again. Sometime in the first half of September when I have my birthday. I never reveal the exact day for obvious reasons. In the real world I let it pass without without mention because I don't like attention. But on the web, it does mean something... which is that I can be timeless here. Act as old as I feel on any given day.

Last year, I posted myself this song in a self depreciating kinda way, I am going to post it again and say, "Challenge accepted".

Why Try ~ Kaleidoscopic 

Why try? Because I have my girls and I should be my best. And thats why I'll also post this song, because it's everything I try to be. And I'm trying hard at the moment.
She Lives ~ 13th Floor Elevators

Monday, 10 September 2012


Note to self

She is the object of my affection.

I love her, I adore her, I put her on a pedistal.
I miss her when she isn't there, and get a warm feeling when she is with me.
I am amazed by her tallents, I'm happy when she is creating, it makes me proud.
When she tells me about her vocation, I'm proud she makes the world a better place,
I feel lucky to have such a wonderful warm, loving person give themself to me.
Her interlect and wit thrill me. I am filled with pride to see her standing tall.

And she is a filthy little slut.
A dirty, whorish, arse licking, piss drinker. A reprehensable cunt.

And I love her all the same.
I love her when she is crawling like a dog.
I love her when she is smeared in her own filth.

My gift to her is accept her in her entirity,
to let her be the slut she is,
encourage her to roam free in her depravity.
And protect her while she is there.

This is my gift. My unconditional love, unbreakable and unshockable.
Freedom to be herself with me, protected from the scorn of society.

And thats why I own her. It's because I deserve her.
I deserve her because I want her. I am happy to take it all,
the sweet angel and the filthy whore.
The bitch, the victim, the brat, the reprograde, accepted gratefully,
shared, enjoyed, kept secret and guarded with my life.


I wrote this because I have to keep reminding myself why I do this and what makes me a Domme rather than just a lover or a friend. I'm a nice person, I like fairness, I'm egalitarian, and I'm not a sadist or abusive by nature. I try hard to treat people with consideration... sometimes it's hard to remember to consider they might like some abuse and to be treated as a slut and slave.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Coming out as Gay

My son just came out of the closet. He just said to me, "I am gay".

I said, "Er... no you aren't".

He said, "Yes I am, I am gay".

He's 5 years old, I did say it might be a little soon for him to decide. But he is adamant. He says he is a boy, he likes boys, and although girls are okay, he doesn't really like them. So he is gay.

It's hard to argue that logic.

He is now running around, punching the air and in his deepest voice, chanting, "I am gay! I am gay! I am gay".

Thursday, 16 August 2012


I found this charming bit of film of Otis Redding (singing with Carla Thomas).  It made me smile...
For the record, he started out as a well digger and by the time he died he was a producer with several companies with Otis Redding Enterprises bringing in over a million dollars a year.

Here's the original by Lowell Fulson.

Monday, 23 July 2012

Atheism disscussion in Second Life.

Following a chat with people near and dear to me about religion... here are some sources which put iron in my words.

Firstly, why bother? Angry at god?
No, if I get angry it is because religion kills people, religious people make decisions which effect me, and you. If I'm angry, I have good reason, not nearly as much reason as many of the people I know in SL should have.
The list of things to be angry about starts at 6:00

Why Are You Atheists So Angry? Greta Christina Skepticon 4

As for the idea that Jesus was angel who was believed in by some pre-Christian Jews... Richard Carrier mentions it here [16:07]. Unfortunately he cites his own book for the citations-- which i don't have. And I have not been able to find any reference to it elsewhere. In fact it is usually said that Philo of Alexandria never mentions Jesus. So I'd would love to see some discussion between scholars about this. But If Carrier says it, there is probably a discussion to be had.

Richard Carrier: The Historicity of Jesus

As for Hitler and the Nazis, Christians used to be scared of the occult, so they labeled him an oculist. Now they are terrified of Atheists so they call him an Atheist. It is indisputable he was Catholic. The writings of Martin Luther obviously had more impact that folkish paganism.  
Hitler: The Atheist

By the way, Christians are also blaming Nazism on Darwin and Evolution. But in Hitler's own words he seems to have been against Evolution and a proponent of Intelligent Design.

As for nasty stuff in the bible, there is no end of it in the Old Testament, but what would Jesus do?

"Do not think that I have come to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I have not come to abolish them but to fulfill them."
I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished."

So... until heaven and earth disappear, until the rapture, old testament law stands, every pen-stroke of it...

...that includes the hating on gays, rules on masturbation, prohibition on shell fish and pork, prohibition on wearing mixed fabrics, rules on slavery, idol worship, etc.

Are we sure? I mean is that what he meant? Even the nasty stuff about stoning children to death?

You have let go of the commands of God and are holding on to the traditions of men.
And he said to them: "You have a fine way of setting aside the commands of God in order to observe your own traditions!
For Moses said, 'Honor your father and your mother,' and, 'Anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death.'"

But surely Jesus loves all the little children... If I was going to start a religion, the first rule I would put in would be the protection of children!

And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life.

Oh, I see. We are supposed to abandon our children. How silly of me. This is probably because whoever made up this nonsense thought that the world was about to end.

“Don't imagine that I came to bring peace on earth! No, rather a sword lf you love your father, mother, sister, brother, more than me, you are not worthy of being mine.“ 

Sounds abusive to me. But then the new testament is infinitely worse than any of the rape and slaughter of the old testament.  It introduces an entirely new concept, the idea that the only way to find salvation is blind unquestioning devotion to Jesus, the ONLY alternative to this is eternal torture. I'm not sure I could really condone torture under any circumstances, but for eternity? Not much of a choice is it.

Fred Phelps and his family are doing it right. They know and understand the bible, they don't just cherry-pick the bits they like, or that suit them. Their views are entirely consistent with what the bible actually says. The reason they seem bat-shit crazy is that the bible is a bat-shit crazy book of hateful bad ideas.

Talk to me about biblical morality? This is a set of rules that say that rapists have to marry their victims, and you can be stoned to death for picking up sticks on the wrong day.

It is a book where Jesus has tantrums and murders fig trees for being out of season and where god sends bears to kill children. A book of talking donkeys in a flat world with a metal sky. Fairy stories which have no place being used as a standard by which to judge modern life.

Okay, slightly less relevant, here is a 'quick and dirty' overview of the historicity of Jesus which mentions Jesus of Pandera, who I think could have been an attempt to make a mythical Jesus human in order to kill him as a heretic.

David Fitzgerald ~ Examining he Existence of Jesus

...and professor Hector Avolos (Starts at 2:35) continued here
Hector Avalos: How Archeology Killed Biblical History

  And Dr. Robert Price

Saturday, 14 July 2012

To be loved

Someone to care, someone to share lonely hours...

Jackie Wilson ~ To be loved ~ live performance

Rockabilly Summer

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs ~ Stay

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Political Correctness gone mad

[14:36:25] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): sooo Never?
[14:36:29] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): your a fairy?
[14:36:30] Never Sieyes: yes?
[14:36:33] Never Sieyes: nope
[14:36:37] Never Sieyes: i can be tho
[14:37:05] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): talk about the pot calling the kettle black
[14:37:11] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): omg
[14:37:15] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): evil vicks!
[14:37:40] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): vicky and kovu have a tendancy to make me say stuff that come back to BITE me

Edited for clarity.

Now it feels like summer

Never on Vicky

Bo Street Runners ~ Baby never say goodbye

Linn on Never

Monday, 9 July 2012

Trolling fail

-- Instant message logging enabled --
[10:00:06] Miss Christel (christel7): seen your site; sorry yuo are fat and i hate that
[10:00:24] Miss Christel (christel7): ugly as welll
[10:00:28] Miss Christel (christel7): ejoy sl
[10:01:03] Vinny Caramel: haha
[10:01:21] Miss Christel (christel7): get lost fat jady you look horrible
[10:01:29] Miss Christel (christel7): muted ugly woman

I suppose I brought it on myself posting that I am done with Sissies. I suspect I'll now get abuse from random female impersonators from time-to-time... at least that is the only reason I can think of for this ill-thought-out attempt at trolling me. Unless it's jealousy, or an attempt at Domme Breaking?

Anyway, I post it here for your amusement.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm done with sissies

If you are a sissy, the answer is 'No, I will not be your friend'.

It's nothing personal, you are probably a lovely guy... but I'm prejudiced.

The word prejudice means to pre-judge, and based on past experience it makes complete sense for me to assume that if you are a sissy you will follow this pattern of of behaviour:-

1. Beg me to be their Mistress.
2. Ask to be friends anyway.
3. Beg me to be your Mistress and hang around as if I was.
4. Sulk.
5. Drop hints that your want me to be your Mistress.
6. Sulk some more.
7. Ask me what I would do with you if I were their Mistress.
6. Drop more hints that your want me to be their Mistress.
8. Ask me to set you some tasks.
9. Not do the tasks, presumably because the tasks weren't sexual in nature.
10. Ask me repeatedly why I don't take sissies.
11. Sulk.
12. Ask me If I can help find a Mistress.
13. Pester me for more tasks.
14. Ask my advice on finding a Mistress.
15. Ingnore my advice.
16. Ask me if I have friends that might be a Mistress.
17. Ask me to describe in detail what I do with my girls.
18. Whine and complain.
19. Make bitchy comments.
20. Ask me repeatedly why I don't take sissies.
21. Offer excuses when I offer suggestions about how to find a mistress.

22. Then either ignore me when it becomes apparent I will never be their Mistress, or throw a hissy fit.

On past experience, sissies seem incapable of being friends. They are just trying to get a foot in the door, they use you without offering anything in return. They are completely pathetic, moody, lacking in humour and a complete waste of space. They also tend toward bitterness, paranoia and a persecution complex. They are relentless in their pestering, their demands and they drag me down.

...and they wonder why they can't find a Mistress?

Oh sure, there are exceptions. I have known Dominant sissies that are great, I know cross dressers and transgendered who are not really sissies and play women, no problem. But if I play the odds, I'm not going to allow sissies into my Second Life.

I'm playing the odds, so don't blame me, blame all the other sissies that have acted like complete cunts.

I'll add one more thing ~ I do like men! But I'm not here for men. If I was here for men, I'd be interested in men that act like men, not men who what to dress in pink frilly stuff and act pathetic. I find nothing remotely attractive about sissies.

So please, don't even try. And if you are wondering why you can't find a Mistress, read my words and ask yourself if it applies to you.

I am aware of the irony in this. I have previously complained about the fact that most women looking for a Mistress are actually men. I don't actually have any problem with with men pretending to be women (so long as they don't try to take me for a ride), it's okay if they do a decent job of acting like women because I like women as a rule. But sissies act like pathetic men. I dislike pathetic people of any gender.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Dangerous people! (and how to guard against them).

I'm sure we have seen on the news about on-line pedophile rings, and how there are dozens of them worldwide, and how they get children to do stuff... and more recently how they get women to play along and do their bidding.

I have always wondered about this. I don't wonder how they groom women  to end up doing despicable things they wouldn't have dreamed of at the beginning. Thats actually no great mystery, they use people's natural commitment to consistency, to lead them in, they normalize, they allow them to justify... it's pretty much how cults work.

No, what I always wondered is how these pedophiles find each other? They can't exactly advertise it openly. I doubt there is some form of secret handshake either, or handkerchief in the back pocket. Any such signal or sign would soon be known. They must just be able to spot each other maybe? No, that makes no sense, if you could spot a pedophile we could develop a test.

So I always wondered how they meet and find each other because during my time on the internet I have seen very little which is suspicious.

I need wonder no more!

I had a very creepy conversation with somebody the other day, they started talking to me, and the conversation strayed into RL stuff... and frankly, the conversation stayed completely kosher, because I am completely kosher. But it could have so easily have gone bad. It ended up with me getting a load of "What would you do in my situation" type questions. If I had said, "You know, thats kinda hot" instead of "Oh poor you, you can't allow that", I strongly suspect they would have agreed.

...but I could be wrong. And thats the fucking point! Taken on face value, it was a completely innocent conversation!

I never take things at face value, I always look for a subtext. I'm good at it, it's why I can be a Domme and in this case I assume the worst and I strongly suspect that I was being probed by a pedophile.

But there is NOTHING for me to hang this on. The person concerned could completely deny it. If fact, they don't have to even completely deny it... they could say, "So what? I was fishing for roleplay. I have incest fantasies, I was too embarrassed to mention it straight out".

It's true... incest fantasy is extremely common, as is rape fantasy, mother/daughter, father/son... just look how many groups there are with names like, Legal Teens for Older Men, Young Sluts for Cougars, Filthy School Girls... yadda, yadda, yadda. Not to mention Adult Baby sitting services and a whole grey area which is near the knuckle (which is the point) but essentially harmless.

So what was different about this?

Firstly it was purely talking about Real Life. Secondly, If I'm right about them,  I don't think they wanted anything from me except a confederate. They were not trying to groom be to be their victim, they were testing me to see if I was like them!

That is the really scary part. I could freak out, question why they picked on me, wonder if I give off a pedophile vibe, but I won't. The simple fact is that I'm a Mommy Domme. At the time I was in a place where I was showing out as a Domme for older and younger people into BDSM. So if a nonce is going go fishing anywhere...

What is scary is that pedophiles are predators. And I was never in any danger of being prey. They were testing me to see if I was like they are. If that is how they talk to a Domme, how do they talk to subs? This person was kinda smart, charming, humble, open, I could see how they could with enough time, be very manipulative.

It's worrying, but frankly there is nothing I can do. All I have is, "That person gives me a bad vibe, I would treat them with caution". And saying that makes me look bad, as I found out earlier.

So there is no dilemma, I'm powerless. Short of going in undercover, possibly for months... there is nothing I can do but walk away and try and forget about it.

...there is just one thing I can do, that is remind you that there are nasty people out there. You have to be careful.

How do you be careful? How about 'never give them your personal information so they can't find you', how about simple rules like that?

No, thats no good!

I'll tell you why, firstly because relying on rules like that give you a false sense of security, especially as finding where you live is not what they are after. You are guarding against the wrong thing. And besides, if you have ever seen somebody like Darren Brown, you will realize that it is easy enough to trick people into giving them little parts of the puzzle over time.

What you really need to guard against is being slowly sucked in. You may think you are too smart for that... but actually, it is the dumb people who are harder to sucker. Smart principled people are far better easier to manipulate, and they are far better at making up excuses for themselves.

Yeah really! It's why cults are full of smart people.

But what cults also do is cut people off from their families and friends. This is because friends and family are normal and grounded in reality. They are a stark contrast the craziness. They don't even need to tell you you are being a loony, they stand as an example.

There is safety in numbers. Have one, two maybe even three friends that you tell everything to. Listen to their judgment because they won't be there getting suckered in with you, they won't hear all the smooth talk. But they will take an overview and tell you you are being crazy.

If you don't have friends you can talk to, imagine you do. Imagine I'm your friend, (if you are reading this I probably am). Would you be comfortable confiding in me what you just did... without explanation or justification or excuses? If you straight up told me what you just did, would I tell you you are crazy or sick?

I like to play into RL and I ask girls to do some pretty outrageous things, I even do a few outrageous things myself... but nobody gets hurt, and  I ensure everybody stays safe and legal. More importantly, even though I keep my girl's secrets, they don't have to. They can tell whoever they like, I'm proud of what I do. Would I be happy saying what I do into a group chat? Sure.


This doesn't deserve a separate blog post ~ if you come up to me and tell me that smoking is bad for my health... seriously, what kind of reaction are you expecting. Do you think I will laugh and hug you?

Expect me to take an instant dislike to you.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Wake up!

Oh things are so quiet! Need some happy noise.

Laurel Aitken & the Soulmen ~ Last Night

Friday, 29 June 2012

Pee-Play ~ You know it makes sense!

At last, an interesting subject... water sports! Yes I'm going to give my opinions about girls who piss on each other. For many it is a limit, but in my experience, it is par-for-the-course with the kind of girls that I adore.

Vicky Porn
Somebody was telling me how they enjoyed my blogs and said they had seen the pictures (long pause).

I told her that the photos serve many purposes. For example, they show that women of all shapes and sizes can be beautiful, sexy and attractive. They also show examples of many fetishes, they show they are nothing too unusual, nothing to be afraid of, that they can also be beautiful, fun, and erotic. This includes Pee-Play.

I did think about showing you an example of such a photo in this post... but I would much prefer you go looking for yourself, you will find many amazing images on the journey.

So the person I was talking to said that she supposed it was okay, apart from the smell. I had to point out that the kind of girl who likes it usually has a thing for armpits, feet, fresh sweat, and smells in general and likes the odour (as long as it is fresh and not too strong - drink plenty of water if you are trying this at home kids).

I continued by saying the smell was rather the point of the whole thing, it is what explains it. And of all fetishes this was perhaps the the most natural and easiest to explain. Hence the title of this entry, it can be made sense of.

If I'm going to explain it, I may as well do it here.

Kink leads to emotions
I try to understand all fetishes, which generally boil down to how they make the person engaged in them feel. In the circles in which I move, which is with dolls, statues, mannequins and various objectification fetishes, there is a feeling of safety and security, belonging, being needed, which leads to esteem... essentially you can work your way up the Maslow's hierarchy.

[Oh yeah, some would nag me to say, it isn't a fetish or a kink, it is a lifestyle. I would say, 'Cobblers!'. Lifestyle and kink aren't mutually exclusive. The same kinds of motivations apply, even in fandom which is far harder to rationalize.]

And within the exact same group of fetishes, depending on how you play it, you can also have the same excitement you get from loss of inhibition that you get from other forms of D/s, because the sub isn't in control.

This part  involves emotion in a more obvious way, it isn't hard to imagine the sense of freedom coupled with a little bit of fear... but as it turns out, all that other good stuff involves emotions too. In recent years scientists have measured brain activity in people doing various tasks and it turns out things like 'certainty' are actually  emotions. So a feeling of security isn't just an absence of negative feelings, it is actually something positive which gives you a real feeling, which some people crave far more than mere sexual thrill.

Emotive language and trigger words 
Obviously, I seek and I attract certain kinds of girls so I see this often. But I would be remiss if I didn't mention the thrill of pushing limits and breaking taboos. As a Mommy Domme, it's not unusual for girls to want to call me 'Mommy' or 'Mamma'. There is no age-play involved, and  no overt incest-play, I'm sure of this because I'm the one in control, I know where things are going... yet I get a thrill being called 'Mommy', probably because it is slightly taboo. But is that all? There was an experiment (which I can't be bothered to find and cite) which was designed to measure the influence of positive and negative emotions on decision making. The words used to induce the moods were 'lung cancer' and 'Mother's love' -- the result of the experiment were a significant influence. Although just words, they instantly tap into something very real and almost universal concepts, an unstoppable enemy and your most trusted ally.

It is very easy to imagine that using 'Mommy' is a powerful trigger for a whole set of emotions and natural feelings.

Breaking a Taboo
Which brings us around to pee-play. Why would anybody want to play with piss? The most obvious answer is that it is taboo. I'm sure there are those that do only do it because the taboo gives them a thrill when the thrill of other kinky things has faded. There is certainly a thrill from the taboo with everybody I know who has done it.

I suppose at this point I should remind readers that I am not really talking about doing this in SL by jumping on a pose ball and spraying particles. I am a remote Domme, I do set real life tasks with real life urine... I have had girls piss in a bucket, I have had them wet themselves in private and in public, drink pee, bathe in pee, sit talking to me for periods of time wearing pee soaked clothing. I must also add that I only do this with girls who have an interest in it. I should also probably admit that it isn't a particular kink of mine, but I really do share in the intimacy and enjoyment my girls get from  the experience.

I also should note that as this is remote, it has it's limitations and both parties take what they can get. Obviously there are different aspects to this in the fantasies of the sub. Either being made to pee, do things with their own pee. Or having the desire to be peed on. The latter is the most desired and is Role-Played, but only the former is practical in a remote domination relationship. So there is not point in me differentiating.

Dirty little secret
But long before actually doing anything SL or RL, the taboo element comes into play when the matter is discussed between sub and Domme. Because of the nature of the subject, the sub has often never discussed it with another living soul. Some of them have discussed it, and even RP'd it, but doing it RL is a whole other prospect, and the admission that they are willing, or even have the desire to do it is something special. This makes it a very powerful moment in D/s for furthering trust. It isn't often that you get to share a secret that has never been shared before, there are actually very few things as intimate as sharing a secret like this, and being able to offer acceptance and understanding (even if it is agreed there will not be acted on) is another extremely positive element.

I have already discussed how those subs that are into variants of objectification receive comfort and a sense of belonging from having things done to them beyond their control on their owner's whim. So it becomes understandable that being pissed on is just a continuation of this. I have also mentioned taboo.
I haven't mentioned 'fun' and being naughty, nor have I mentioned humiliation -- both could come into play depending on how you decide to play this game. This article is long enough already so I won't go into these subjects, nor will I go into nappy-play (diapers), catheters, public or outdoor pissing, voyeurism, pissing off balconies or making somebody act out being a stone fountain! I will just say that if you have ever seen any pee-play pornography... well, you know pornography is seldom a good blueprint.

It's perfectly natural
Finally, I propose that there is something very natural about this. The first time I role-played it, I went into it expecting to have to hold down my dinner. I came out of it feeling something very beautiful and incredibly intimate had happened (It was played very affectionately). I gave it a great deal of thought... somebody had mentioned that it was similar to a dog marking it's territory, but as the Alpha in the situation I really didn't feel this rung true and dismissed it. That is until one day my husband smacked the dog for pissing on the bathroom floor, and the dog responded by shitting in his bed.

Yes I know, this story isn't getting sexy, but I remembered that when we first adopted our cat she did the same thing, so I did some research into why dogs and cats do this, what I found was very interesting and I'm sure relevant, because the family pet is usually the most submissive in the household and they do this when they are feeling insecure.

Charles Darwin and Pee-Play
Why? Well, being submissive is a good evolutionary strategy. People tend to think of being submissive as being the weakest, but rather than pushing you to the margins of the group where it can get dangerous, it brings you right up close to the Alpha. After all it is the Alpha you are submissive too. And while in proximity there is the greater chance of mating with the Alpha. As Alpha's often tend to get usurped, and if not killed, then pushed out of the group, you could actually argue that a sub has the best seat in the house, because when this happens, the sub stays where they are becoming submissive to the new Alpha.

It is at this point that it probably pays for the sub to smell like the new Alpha and not like the old Alpha.
Or... if the new Alpha smells like the sub, it would serve much the same purpose. It might be nice if the sub could get the Alpha to 'mark' him/her, but the sub has very little control over that. They can however piss where the Alpha sleeps and guarantee the Alpha smells like the sub.

What is the advantage of this again? Well assuming that the main threat is not outside predators but usurpers either within the group, or coming into the group, or from other groups, they they are going to want to pick their moment. Modern humans have hospitals, but otherwise an injury from a fight is likely to lead to death, so a usurper really does want to pick the fights they know they are going to win. Any uncertainty is going to put them off, so they are not going to pick on another that kinda smells a bit like the Alpha in case it is the Alpha. And if they are ready to pick on the Alpha, their best chance is one-on-one, so if there is a little retinue of 5-6 that all smell like the Alpha this probably isn't your moment.

In short it does make some sense for subs to smell like their Alpha, and for Alphas to smell like their subs.

[Edit] You could actually describe this more literally with words like 'blending' or 'merging' their odours, which is interesting. Because if you can get a sub to open up and give voice to their urges, and really try to explain what they feel, several have told me that they want to melt-into and merge with their Domme. To lose their own identity and just become a part of their owner. I find the concept of 'identity' very important in D/s and of course in a less evolved form, before concepts like names, smell would have served that purpose.

I know what your thinking, humans don't have a sense of smell that good, especially men, Alpha or otherwise. This is true now... but if a man has to pee outdoors, he finds a tree or a post to pee against doesn't he? Why is that?

In summary, if there are born leaders, there are probably born followers. And it is quite likely that in both there are latent instincts to do things that once had more utility than they do in our current state of evolution. So if you find your sub pissing in your bed, give them a hug and roll around in it because they are probably feeling insecure.

Go on, give it a go!
No actually don't. The simple fact is that I have never suggested to anybody that they try it, and nobody has ever said, "Yeah, never thought about it but I'll try anything once". At least not as I remember.
The girls who are into this have a desire to do it, an urge to do it, it is something they have fantasized about. And usually I can spot them because this falls in with a whole set of other kinks and behaviors which act as indicators. And this is why I think it is an inherent behaviour found within some people of a certain personality type.

Naturalistic fallacy
One form of the Appeal to Nature goes as follows:- "This behaviour is natural; therefore, this behaviour is morally acceptable" which is something that occurred to me while writing this. And it occurs to me that once on the interwebs anyone could stumble upon this with a wide range of prejudices and inhibitions. I believe that there is something inherent and natural, even social about pee-play, but this is my explanation for it not my justification. I don't think it needs justifying as morally acceptable as it doesn't hurt anybody and isn't being forced onto anybody who doesn't already like being forced to do stuff within the context of BDSM. If you don't like it, I suggest you don't do it. And if you don't do it, don't knock it until you have tried it.

Health issues
Urine is waste product, it contains plenty of stuff for bacteria to thrive on. But it is the bacteria that is icky and stinky, not the urine which is sterile (unless you have some heath problems. Saliva would be a bigger risk and that doesn't stop us from kissing!). In regards to smell, if you haven't worked it out yet, fresh urine doesn't smell the same as old urine. I have been told that the smell of fresh can get a sub quite excited while the same person will gag at the smell of stale. Some people insist that drinking urine is good for you... for which there is absolutely no evidence. But it's certainly not harmful, in fact it is so sterile and an army nurse told me that you can use it to wash wounds with. It does contain your body's waste products and a lot of water. The more hydrated you are when you pee, and more flushed out your system, the more dilute the waste is.

Cheers! Down the hatch!
For the record, it tastes just like water but with a bitter-metallic after-taste. Yes I have tasted it -- I would never ask a sub to do something I wouldn't do myself. That doesn't mean I have done everything I ask them to do, but I would if pushed. And in this case I thought I should have some experience. But drinking it is not actually necessary, certainly not obligatory... in fact it it might be a completely unrelated urge.

Oh shit!
Scat on the other hand probably is very much related... in case it crossed your mind. But we all have limits and... I don't want to think about it.

Give me a tinkle
If you have any comments, please feel free to make your views known. Unless it's about scat, I don't want to think about it.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Definition: Christianity

Cool story bro!
...the belief that a cosmic Jewish Zombie who was his own father can make you live forever if you symbolically eat his flesh and telepathically tell him you accept him as your master, so he can remove an evil force from your soul that is present in humanity because a rib-woman was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

(Feel free to ask me about 'Framing', 'Availability Heuristic' and other tricks used to get sane people to believe batshit crazy nonsense.)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Jackie Shane

I don't want to turn this into some kind of LGBT website, but this guy is inspirational... and legendary in the true sense of the word. In as much as it is hard to sort out the fact from the rumour.

The TV has been plugging a documentary all week about drag acts, and to my shame, Jackie Shane came to mind, which is unfair because he's not a drag act, he is a damn fine R&B/Soul singer who just happened to cross-dress and be openly gay.

"Because the mean things people say about you baby, Can’t make you sad, cause Jackie’s never lost a friend that I’ve never had."

It's not often an ad-lib makes me want to applaud, but... if people find it tough now, how much worse would have been in the early 1960s?

[EDIT] For the record, Any Other Way is a cover version, and the lyrics, "Tell her that I'm Happy, tell her that I'm gay, tell her I wouldn't have it any other way" are in the original William Bells song on Stax. Jackie manages to put new meaning in these lyrics, I can see why he chose the song.

[Further Edit] I find Jackie Shane fascinating, probably because I love a good mystery. There is very little information around about him, the most up to date seems to be on Queer Music Heritage which says he is still alive, despite the rumours about his murder. Just one thing puzzles me, the album Jackie Shane Live at the Sapphire Tavern 1963 appears to contain cover versions of songs which were not recorded by the original artists until well after 1963. For example Eddie Floyd didn't release Knock on Wood until 1967. Not trying to be a smart arse, just saying Saul.

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Sticky Vicky

I'm not used to Linn giving me stick, and i certainly didn't mind. My baby girl made me this lovely stick which she made in Blender.
All but my first cane have been gifts, firmly establishing it as my trademark. I have had two made for me now (Thank you Lita), both have had big heavy knobs. Sorta club like. Whatever must they think of me?
Initialed of course. Details.
A lovely bit knob.

I hate Doritos

But I fucking love this!

Mariachi Doritos ~ Don't you want me baby

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Bugle, Beagle and the Holy Goat

[17:27:25] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): be cool if you could bend over and shove a bugle up your bottom.
[17:27:42] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman): a bugle?
[17:27:43] Kovu Kumel: and why not ;P
[17:27:47] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman): like a dog?
[17:28:02] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman): oh NOT beagle
[17:28:04] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): *facepalms*
[17:28:08] Kovu Kumel: oh my god
[17:28:09] Kovu Kumel: lolol
[17:28:11] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman) hiders
[17:28:16] Kovu Kumel: AHAHAHAHAAHAHAAHAH
[17:28:21] Kovu Kumel: <- RL LOL
[17:28:28] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman): me too
[17:28:28] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): me too
[17:28:30] Kovu Kumel: father son and holy goat???
[17:28:46] Kovu Kumel: cant
[17:28:47] Kovu Kumel: stop
[17:28:48] 乙σ Shisei (zornnorseman): oHH stooop
[17:28:48] Kovu Kumel: laughing
[17:28:51] Kovu Kumel: HAHAHAHAHAH
[17:28:53] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): oh, leave goats out of this... i haven't gotten over the beagle yet

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Felina Moonwall

I couldn't resit. I kidnapped her and dressed her up.
This is what she looked like before, all her own work. Absolutely lovely.


Some guys really know how to make you feel special:

i dont suppose your into meets?
well just i have a fantasy, Id love to pay a woman for sex..
i dont suppose your interested?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cartoon Head

In the TV series Ideal, Cartoon Head is a Russian gangster who's boss has glued a mouse mask to his face. This is completely unrelated to furrys, so put the thought out of your mind. There is no reason at all to think of Cartoon Head coldly blowing somebody's brains out next time a furry says hello to you, although this is exactly the position I found myself in this morning.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Memphis Soul Stew

I have heard this a zillion times, you can't help but picture it in your head, so I have always wondered what it looked like, now I know!

The original recording

Gladys & the Pips - Giving up live

What a find! A live version of one of my favorite songs.
Feel free to join in singing backing vocals, you have 3 hrs to learn the dance moves, there will be a test... Go!

Single version by the Pips

Single version by the Ad-Libs

Misty Blue

I heard a rumour that DW is getting windlight? Gone will be the bright cheerful green trees and red brick, to be replaced by a sinister fog.

Tell me it's just a rumour baby! Thats no place for clockwork dolls!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

English to American dictionary

Pants = Underpants
Trousers = Pants
Waist coat = Vest
Vest = Tank top
Tank top = Sweater vest
Jumper = Sweater
Jersey = Sweater

Dummy = Pacifier
Nappy = Diaper
Fags = Cigarettes
Bin = Trash Can

Chips = Home cooked fries
French fries = Fries
Crisps = Chips

These are chip...
...these are fries. They don't even look the same! They sure as hell don't taste the same.


Them are the general

Them want I
Be com'a them funeral
Them claim say
Them are the general

What a big disgrace
The way you rob up the place
Rob everthing you can find
Yes you did
and you'll even rob from the blind

You must see want I fe
com'a com'a funeral
and I no go

Now we know the truth
yes we do
find you
wearing the boot
of taking people's business on your head,yeah
so might as well you be dead

Monday, 30 April 2012

Glory Box

Give me a reason -- a thousand flowers could bloom.

  Portishead ~ Glory Box

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Dancing at the gallery

 Whit, Auroro, Kanna, Vicky, Morganna.

Plus Elli
Scary, Slutty and Posh
Baby, Ginger and Sporty
(left to right) Auroro, Twist, Silvena, Mony, Polly, nemu, FrogE,
Kanna, Ashlyn, Vicky, YUT-1K0, Mo-Mo, Elli, Blu, Carrie,
Saya on ice