Sunday, 22 January 2012

Another Dum-dom

Did you ever hear of the Golden Crocoduck awards? There should be something similar for Dum-doms...
Anyway, here is a contender.

From his profile:-

I take my responsability as a way to live showing respect and willing.
Real power comes when you don't even need it..
When all you need is understad, respect and protect your loved ones without expecting anything in exchange.

[09:40:50] Lord Sime : Hello Vicky. I saw you into BDSM RL submissionc.
[09:40:57] Lord Sime : Contact me when you have time.
[09:41:06] Vinny Caramel: I have time
[09:41:43] Lord Sime : Good come and meet me. [Sends TP]
[09:42:50] Vinny Caramel: I'm quite comfortable where I am thanks.
[09:43:16] Lord Sime : I am not askign for your stupidopinion
[09:43:23] Lord Sime : I am the one making decitions here
[09:43:32] Lord Sime : but anyway you are not that sub as i need.
[09:43:36] Lord Sime : bye freaky sub
[09:43:43] Lord Sime : muted

Is anybody else noticing a correlation between illiteracy and ineptitude?

I would suggest that he begin his education by trying to gain mastery over his own profile info by getting himself a good spell-checker. But in this case a dictionary would be better, then he could look up the meaning of some of the words.

A mediocre Master tells,
a good Master teaches,
an excellent Master explains,
but a True Master inspires
                  -- Anonymous