Monday, 13 February 2012

Can't fool me!

If anybody has made it clear, I have made it clear... I don't take men. It's mentioned in my profile multiple times, and if you follow the links in my profile to this blog,  it mentions it several more times.

It also says that I will demand proof, that you can't fake it. And it hints at the fact that I have the skills to uncover the fakers. I don't make idle boasts, and if anything I have understated my abilities as I will demonstrate further down the page. It's a pity really, I'd love to reveal some of my methods but if I did that, the faker's could guard against them. But suffice to say that if you spend years on the web looking for sleaze, spreading sleaze, signing up for all sorts, while thinking with your dick instead of practicing basic online security, then you tend to leave clues that can be pieced together.

Anyway, after a disappointing Sunday morning, I found myself thinking to myself that if I actually had any emotions, I should really be quite upset with a couple of my girls. I had a chat with Vinter and she agreed that I should be pissed off. Sometimes I'm just a bit too patient, my interest in people conflicts with the role I have as a Domme and I'm too lenient.

Anyway, this led me deciding that with the exception of my Linn, the other pets are going to have to work hard and change their ways if they want to get in and stay in.

I was left at a loose end and decided to go to the Bondage Ranch just as something to do. No sooner had I got there that I was chatted up by a Noob thing... impossible to tell gender, orientation or anything else. At first I acted hostile, but as I had nothing else to do I decided to help a noob.

She wanted to know where she could meet other lesbians, and so I took her to a place where I know damn well all the lesbians are men. And I told 'her' with great relish that most of the lesbians are actually men, that men can't fake it because they haven't a clue how to dress, that they always use photos ripped from porn sites in their profile, which is exactly what he did.

I strung him along for a while, for an hour and a half he stalled over sending me more photos. And he went all the way to the line... at any time he could have said that he wasn't what I was looking for, couldn't prove they were a girl. I gave them plenty of chances to back out, but they kept on bluffing me in this strange game of chicken.

Eventually we got to that point, where I said, "This is the point, where the girl makes her excuses, disappears never to be seen again", but they stayed for another hour until they went for dinner... never to be seen again despite their promises.

This kind of thing happens all the time and I'd probably let it pass without mention if it were not for the fact that shortly afterwards I was contacted by another 'girl'.

This is somebody I had on my friends list... I was pretty sure they were a boy pretending to be a girl when I added them, because when it comes t friends I don't really care -- I have nothing against sissies, goys and TVs, I just don't play with them. But last night they started the dance... I am clear, I tell them what I want and need, I ask them if they can provide, they bluff me. They go all the way to the wire, promising me they can give me what I need. I don't know why they insist on doing this? Maybe they think I'm dumb enough to give them a taste without giving anything back? Maybe fooling me is a thrill in it's self?

But I could be wrong right? They could actually be girls?

So last night I put it to the test and decided to do some detective work for a couple of hours before bed. As I say, I can't reveal my methods but I will say I did nothing illegal, there was no hacking... I just used the same kind of techniques used by the authorities to track terrorists and organized criminals. Good old fashioned detective work. Here's what I found:-

The 18 year old girl who is supposed to live with her parents is actually C#### (I do know his full name) from Nottingham, he's a 51 year old divorcée, and judging by what he has been buying on eBay, he is grandfather. I also know he owns a dog. Despite saying that he doesn't like men, he's actually bi-sexual (I have seen his cream-pie photos), loves gay porn and enjoys showing photos of himself masturbating at his computer. He dislikes swinging, but likes dogging, which I find an odd contradiction. He's bald and doesn't really do it for me, but the girl he is standing next to on his Facebook photo is pretty hot.

As for my second girl, she was very careless with what she told me, and I had already surmised quite a bit of information from the lies they told me. He turns out to be S##### from Hamburg, again I know his full name, his date of birth, his general location now and where he has lived in the past. He showed me photos of a petite blond, who turns out to be a TV weather girl who was photographed in 2006 during an environmental event. In reality, S##### is divorced with children, a greying, well built, 6'6" 54 year old who likes Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

I must stress that these guys did paste their identities all over the web with no attempt to hide... in fact quite the opposite. They were advertising themselves quite openly as men looking for sex on dating sites and BDSM sites. It's only when they decide to pretend to be girls that this is a liability for them.

It is against Linden's Terms and Conditions to reveal people's identities,  I wouldn't do it anyway, if they want to pretend to be girls, good luck to them. But they will need more than luck if they are going to get past me.

Which brings me back to being too lenient with some of my girls... no Mr(s) Nice Guy. From now on, they can chase me, they have to 'put-out' and nobody gets a foot in the door without verification, and now you know why. If I can do it, any girl can do it, only men will struggle with a simple cleavage shot with a screen name written with an eyebrow pencil.

Boobies are the difference between trust and faith.

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