Thursday, 23 February 2012

Italian seduction techniques

[16:47:15] Toni A: hi
[16:47:21] Vinny Caramel: hi
[16:47:48] Toni A: how are you
[16:48:22] Vinny Caramel: ok thanks
[16:48:40] Toni A: where are you from
[16:49:20] Vinny Caramel: England
[16:49:31] Toni A: i'm italian
[16:50:02] Vinny Caramel: i guessed that
[16:50:13] Toni A: want me
[16:50:47] Vinny Caramel: I'm not even slightly interested, thats why it says 'no Italians' in my profile.

...and it does say it in my profile. "I don't kiss men, ever. No exceptions, not even for Italians. 1♀♀% lesbica!!!"

What is it with Italians? I think it's because their Mommy tells them they are god's gift to women, and the morons actually believe it. They certainly don't put in any effort, this idiot is 547 days old, yet seems to have learned nothing. Oh well, at least this one didn't throw a tantrum when he was rejected... i guess he is used to rejection.

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