Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mood music

Trying to put together a playlist for home to create a mood, an atmosphere.

I took an early decision to only include girls, and I tried to go for moody, sexy, assertive, positive... not so easy! I tried to grab some 1950's glamour, but strayed into the early 70s, but I hope i managed to stay away from anything too pop, cheesy or bubblegum. It should be good as inoffensive background music, or for listening.

A work in progress.

Wynona Carr
Ann Cole
Baby Washington
Barbara Lewis
Barbara McNair
Bertha Tillman
Betty Everett
Damita Jo
Betty Harris
Betty Lavette
Big Maybelle
Chris Clark
Cookie Jackson
Dee Dee Sharp
Dee Dee Warwick
Dinah Washington
Doris Troy
Esther Phillips
Etta James
Gladys Knight
Gloria Lynne
Helene Smith
Irma Thomas
Jackie Ross
Jean Knight
Judy Clay
Ketty Lester
Laura Lee
Lavern Baker
Mabel John
Marva Whitney
Maxine Brown
Wendy Rene
Mitty Collier
Timi Yuro
Vicki Anderson

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