Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pick-up Artist

[12:09:26] HH: hello Vicky?
[12:09:50] HH: do you like smoking?
[12:09:51] Vinny Caramel: Hello
[12:10:06] Vinny Caramel: Yes, thats why i do it.
[12:10:26] HH: but the nicotine taste bad
[12:10:44] HH: like kissing an ashtray
[12:11:06] Vinny Caramel: Well.... don't worry, you won't be kissing me.
[12:11:19] HH: yes but others might
[12:11:38] HH: and you have to pay sin taxes
[12:11:58] HH: taxes you won't have to pay if you quit today
[12:12:09] HH: I am a poet
[12:12:17] Vinny Caramel: No such thing as 'sin', it's a religious concept. Religion is for morons.
[12:12:21] HH: you would never know it
[12:13:07] Vinny Caramel: As you have seen fit to give me a lecture on smoking, how about i give you a lecture on religion?
[12:13:07] HH: that.s pretty good
[12:13:41] HH: outspoken and direct
[12:14:34] HH: you don't have to teach me religeon, our ministyer did that already
[12:15:09] HH: used me as a weathervane as i only then go to church on a rainy day
[12:15:56] HH: sorry for the typos
[12:16:13] HH: I still type with 2 fingers only
[12:16:26] HH: you must use all 12?
[12:16:50] Vinny Caramel: Thats an insult?
[12:17:21] HH: no insult intended
[12:18:07] HH: I just want ed to save you from lung cancer
[12:18:31] HH: and wrinkles
[12:19:15] Vinny Caramel: So you accuse me of being a sinner and a mutant? You really are a charmless nerk aren't you?
[12:20:34] HH: I am just trying to save your life no shame in that
[12:21:06] Vinny Caramel: If I were you, I'd worry about getting your own life
[12:21:16] HH: don't know what a nerk is...have to google
[12:22:04] Vinny Caramel: http://oxforddictionaries.com/definition/nerk
[12:22:36] HH: thanks you are so helpful
[12:24:30] HH: that does not fit, I am the greatest with one foot in my mouth

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