Thursday, 16 February 2012

Real life Dolly

I'm often asked, "How do I become your sub?".

My answer is often something like, "Do something exceptional" or "Impress me" -- very few do.

Then I got this:-

Anyone who admires the female form is going to say, thats a lovely shape right? You wouldn't know it was a man just by looking.

He asked me to publish some of his photos, I said they are so good that he should publish them himself. He said he was shy and wanted me to do it so there was no going back.

So anyway, I said he should do more, he said he needed somebody to direct him.... a few IMs and a phone call later and we have ourselves the beginning of an art project!

I asked him if he could photograph himself in the women's outfits he has, he said that he didn't have much and could do with help choosing clothes on eBay. I thought, "Oh this just keeps getting better!".

When I told Vinter that he would need help choosing clothes, she made a sould like, "Ohhhhh!", and I'm sure I could hear her clapping.

When I told Zev, she said she wanted a few photos of his inner arm so she could get an idea of his skin colour, and a few full body shots so she knew what shape he was so she could recommend certain types of dress.

Not much resistance eh? Let this be a lesson to you all. If you have something to offer, you will find a Domme... or in this case, several.

Lets look at this in detail. I have always said I'd never take on a man. As far as I'm concerned I haven't. The end result of any future photos will portray a photo of a woman. It's not sexual, the moment it becomes sexual the illusion is shattered. The chap wants to be feminized so thats fine for him, and I like photography and erotic, glamour and fine art, so it's good for me.

As for the work, we expect him to do all the work. He's the one who has to go take the photos. I'll set up a blog where we can discuss ideas and do the preparatory work. I may even have to set up a Tumblr account where we post the finished photos. But actually there will be very little effort on the part of the ladies who will be directing him. (Since when has surfing eBay for clothes been effort?).

This guy sent me a whole folder full of photos he has done already. Just goes to prove he is willing to put in some effort. I envisage that as time goes on, between us all we can make a nice little collection of photos. There is nothing quite like the promise of an end result and the chance to be creative to get me excited.

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