Friday, 10 February 2012

Religion in the news

This could be a well researched article... with lot of links and shit... but actually it gets on my thrupenny bits so much that I can't be bothered.

Anyway, the news is that in a high court decision it has been ruled that local councils aren't allowed to say prayers as part of meetings.

Despite a new law being rushed through which will make it legal, (a law the bishops probably get to vote on) of course various pervy old men if frocks who's opinions really shouldn't be taken seriously because they believe in ghosts, jumped up and down and made a lot of noise about a war on religion.... well yeah, there is because it's shit and we should grow out of it already!

Lord Pickles was quoted as saying, "This is still a Christian country". Well the latest British Social Attitudes Survey would disagree, those identifying as Christian are now a minority (43%), and church attendance figures mean... well the Church of England is already selling off the silver.

But unfortunately, a large part is  Protestant  Christian...  which pisses of some Catholics so much that hundreds of years on, they are still killing people for some reason.

So in other news some moron was convicted of murdering two soldiers on behalf of the IRA, and some other off shoot murdered a man in front of his family last night.

The Christian couple who owned a bed and breakfast and refused to let homosexuals share a double bed lost their right to appeal the court's decision that they were nutters.

Apparently you are only allowed to get away with abusing homosexuals in the street, not in the workplace. A preacher was cleared of verbally abusing two gay men .

In other news, some of those ethnic religious loonies that brought their brand of Christianity back from Africa are in the dock for murdering a boy who they thought was a witch, proving that it is religious idiocy and not the Middle Ages that causes this kind of nonsense.

And just to prove it isn't only Christians who are who do stupid shit in the name of a god, some Muslims were convicted of handing out leaflets saying that homosexuals should be killed.

So this little lot was all in one radio new bulletin. Oh the irony! Religions bringing us peace and love! If gawd forbid we were to become a secular country, we would descend into immorality, and rape and murder and shit, just like Sweden and Denmark!

[EDIT] I should mention that yesterday's news continued the Church of England's split over the issue of women Bishops... I just wanted to show that it's not just homosexuals, witches, atheists and people of other denominations  they are against, in the interest of balance it should be noted that continue with their bigotry against women too.

Oh, have an insightful video:-  

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