Sunday, 11 March 2012

Greedy Piggy

Who's a greedy piggy?

Turns out I am..What a weekend. Not only did I adopt Never, but Ditsy Nomnom came back to me too.

And just when I thought my Second Life was was full and complete, Hanna (Gertrude) shows up just as Kovu is inviting me to a party at my house. So I find myself in need of a maid just as we are talking about latex piggy outfits!

Gertie serves drinks

As Vicky takes to the stage

Latex piggy on the Burlesque chair

Just a few friends in The Velvet Crush, But a good night.

Zorn and Cy

Kuvo and Cherry

Vicky takes a break from the burlesque

Gertie the Latex Piggy

What a lovely squeeky rear!

Truffle Shuffle

Cyrus gives Zo a Lapdance
Foxy arrives, Cherry takes the stage

A pro dancer! Cherry

Foxy adopts latex to put on a show

Foxy Natsuki looking adorabubble, with arsenic behind her.

Foxy in latex

Foxy out of latex

Poppy refuses to make snacks, Zo does the burlesque
Kovo gives Cherry a lap dance
I think... we must do this again, every Sunday night. And my basement now seems to have a name!

Thank you all, I'm so lucky to have such great people as friends. It's just a pity some of my favourite people couldn't make it. But I'm certain there will be a 'next time'.

Oh and I need to add, Thank you Hanna (Gurtie). You were the star of the show, everybody said you made the evening, and even though you had to leave, you set the tone. You are awesome and I love you loads.

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