Monday, 12 March 2012

Making it official

I look bored, but I'm in a state of shock.
I normally keep stuff like this kinda quiet, I don't like to make a fuss. It's the famous British reserve.

But I have been tossing and turning, fretting and... what goes with 'fretting'?

I have been all revved up, the last few weeks have been a roller coaster with Linn. It has been exciting, wonderful, amazing and awesomesauce.

And then my baby grrl comes back to me. I once said she couldn't be tamed, I think that's true. But for a little while at least, she would like to me to try and calm the savage beast, So I have changed the Dagger into Ditsy Nomnom, and her Rwar has become a squeak. I near enough wet myself laughing every time she squeaks!

So I'm on a roller-coaster holding a tiger by the tail, when my kitten falls into my lap! This was never an on-off thing, it was always a slowly working towards thing with intermissions. After a long courtship the ever calm Never, calmly offers me her collar and I calmly accept.... rev my engine and spin my wheels, unable to change pace.

This is such a big deal, I feel I should make a big deal of it. At the very least, such a precious gift demands a precious gift in return. It is the custom of my country. But it's all happened so fast, my head is in a spin...

I had a huge high, and it has left me exhausted just when we are starting something new. I need to sit down, rest, take stock, let things settle. But I can't rest, I feel I should be doing something... so I'll make the announcement, and that was it.

There! It's now official.

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