Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Oh! What a revelation.

So I'm out with Vinter in RL and I decided to buy a packed of sweets and share them with her.

She complained that she didn't get a red one in her half of the packet, and having had one sweet which is all I wanted, I gave her mine saying, "Here see if there is one in here you big kid, I dunno why you need to have a red one, they all taste the same anyway".

She looked at me like I was mad.

Turns out they don't all taste the same, they have different fruit flavors. So we blind tested them, she popped them into my mouth and each time asked me what they taste like, and I would say, "Sugar".

Okay, so fruit pastels are actually covered in sugar, so she asks if it is all sweet, "What about Wine Gums?".

Nope! Wine gums all taste the same to me, cept the black ones are a bit stronger.

Wow! There are orange flavored wine gums? Who knew?

...well everybody except me it seems!

"Why the hell did you think they were different colours?" said my husband. I just thought they added colouring to make them look pretty.

So he says, "What about Licorice Allsorts, you like them!".

Yeah I like them, I like the licorice, same as I like chocolate, it's not so sweet, I can taste it, but the white, pink, green sugary bits on a licorice allsort all tastes the same to me, I was actually shocked  to find out they were flavoured. I have been stuffing them down my neck fairly regularly for years.

I'm 40, and it has taken me this long to find out that sweets taste of stuff other than sugar, I'm amazed. I wonder if the coatings in licorice comforts are flavoured?

Oh well, I should have known there was something else wrong with my sense of taste, last year when we changed brand of toothpaste, I mentioned that the new one was especially spicy and really burned my tongue.

It was a revelation to me that nobody else finds mint spicy. Because to me, brushing my teeth is more spicy eating sweet chilli, a bit less that lime pickle. Obviously, every morning brushing my teeth is a bit of an ordeal and this explains why. Well, would you want to wake up and brush your teeth with chilli powder?

But the weird thing is that it is just me. I just assumed that it was the same for everybody else. So yeah, I never was very keen on sweets, especially mints or chewing gum. This kinda explains why... although I think my hatred of sprouts stems from something more universal.

Anyway, I can't explain it. It's not like I can't taste oranges or strawberries. So how come I can't tell the difference when they are flavourings? It would on the face of it seem that the sweeter something is, the less I can taste anything but the sweet. But other than chocolate and licorice, my two favorites are honeycomb and dessert nougat which are really sweet, but I can taste them.

[Edit] It isn't just me! My son started complaining that the new toothpaste was too spicy. Upon further investigation it seems like he takes after his mother in regards to sweets too.

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