Monday, 9 April 2012

Steampunk Neo-Victorian

As my dolly friends seem to be heading in a Victorian direction, and steampunk has been mentioned, I decided I'd try and put a few outfits together. I looked at a lot of steampunk gadgetry and didn't like most of it, especially because it tends to be expensive as well as pointless. So my outfits have ended up more neo-Victorian than Streampunk.
Steampunk airship pilot
1. I took an old pair of high waist trousers and started there. The Dolman Tunic comes from Le Grenier du Château, and is beautiful. The two I bought had a resize script and I couldn't get them to work on a female shape, but Trasgo Beaumont was kind enough to send me some full mod versions. They just took two hours to edit each! I added some Oxfords and a modified hat from a burlesque costume. 
Steampunk in SecondLife - New Babbage.
2. This is the outfit I was aiming for when I bought the Red Dolman Jacket. The skirt comes from Swanky, I got several because they work well. I mixed it with a steampunk belt, my trusty service revolver, and a cheap sabre which I retextured. Zorn bought me a pair of GOS boots with brass toe-caps. It just needed a pith helmet to finish it off.
The cane is a present from my friend Lita.
Steampunk airship or submarine outfit
3. This combo uses everything already mentioned, with a black Swanky Skirt.
Steampunk Burlesque
4. This is an *almost* off the shelf Steampunk outfit from Wretched Dollies,  I have plenty of burlesque style outfits and this wasn't really what I was looking after, but it is great quality gear and I wanted it for bits, especially the bodice thing. I added new arm-bracers and socks, and the top comes from Swanky.
Steampunk Victorian adventure
5. Now you can see why I wanted the leather bodice. It goes great with a white blouse, in fact there are a whole range of colours I can mix this with. A pair of goggles might make this a little more steampunk, but I kind of like the Victorian adventurer look.
About town Steampunk look
6. This was actually the first outfit I made. A different pair or tweet trousers, a white Victorian style blouse minus the ruffle. I added a black scarf from a Goth dress. The hat comes from a burlesque outfit, and the Webley revolver I had from when I put together a WWII pilot outfit. All I had to buy was the steampunk belt and a steampunk monocle.
Steampunk Wild West dress
7. So far I have outfits for exploring the Sudan, and I look at home in an airship, and I don't look too out of place on most steampunk sims. But what about the Weird West? I could have gone all cow-girl, but then I thought, what would an English lady adventurer wear in the Americas?  I have a few different directions I can take this look, I may have to get myself a six shooter.

Thanks again to  Trasgo Beaumont of  Le Grenier du Château for being kind enough send me full mod versions of his Hussar Dolman tunics. They are absolutely superb quality, not intended for steampunk, but...

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