Thursday, 24 May 2012

Felina Moonwall

I couldn't resit. I kidnapped her and dressed her up.
This is what she looked like before, all her own work. Absolutely lovely.


Some guys really know how to make you feel special:

i dont suppose your into meets?
well just i have a fantasy, Id love to pay a woman for sex..
i dont suppose your interested?

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Cartoon Head

In the TV series Ideal, Cartoon Head is a Russian gangster who's boss has glued a mouse mask to his face. This is completely unrelated to furrys, so put the thought out of your mind. There is no reason at all to think of Cartoon Head coldly blowing somebody's brains out next time a furry says hello to you, although this is exactly the position I found myself in this morning.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Memphis Soul Stew

I have heard this a zillion times, you can't help but picture it in your head, so I have always wondered what it looked like, now I know!

The original recording

Gladys & the Pips - Giving up live

What a find! A live version of one of my favorite songs.
Feel free to join in singing backing vocals, you have 3 hrs to learn the dance moves, there will be a test... Go!

Single version by the Pips

Single version by the Ad-Libs

Misty Blue

I heard a rumour that DW is getting windlight? Gone will be the bright cheerful green trees and red brick, to be replaced by a sinister fog.

Tell me it's just a rumour baby! Thats no place for clockwork dolls!

Saturday, 5 May 2012

English to American dictionary

Pants = Underpants
Trousers = Pants
Waist coat = Vest
Vest = Tank top
Tank top = Sweater vest
Jumper = Sweater
Jersey = Sweater

Dummy = Pacifier
Nappy = Diaper
Fags = Cigarettes
Bin = Trash Can

Chips = Home cooked fries
French fries = Fries
Crisps = Chips

These are chip...
...these are fries. They don't even look the same! They sure as hell don't taste the same.


Them are the general

Them want I
Be com'a them funeral
Them claim say
Them are the general

What a big disgrace
The way you rob up the place
Rob everthing you can find
Yes you did
and you'll even rob from the blind

You must see want I fe
com'a com'a funeral
and I no go

Now we know the truth
yes we do
find you
wearing the boot
of taking people's business on your head,yeah
so might as well you be dead