Sunday, 8 July 2012

I'm done with sissies

If you are a sissy, the answer is 'No, I will not be your friend'.

It's nothing personal, you are probably a lovely guy... but I'm prejudiced.

The word prejudice means to pre-judge, and based on past experience it makes complete sense for me to assume that if you are a sissy you will follow this pattern of of behaviour:-

1. Beg me to be their Mistress.
2. Ask to be friends anyway.
3. Beg me to be your Mistress and hang around as if I was.
4. Sulk.
5. Drop hints that your want me to be your Mistress.
6. Sulk some more.
7. Ask me what I would do with you if I were their Mistress.
6. Drop more hints that your want me to be their Mistress.
8. Ask me to set you some tasks.
9. Not do the tasks, presumably because the tasks weren't sexual in nature.
10. Ask me repeatedly why I don't take sissies.
11. Sulk.
12. Ask me If I can help find a Mistress.
13. Pester me for more tasks.
14. Ask my advice on finding a Mistress.
15. Ingnore my advice.
16. Ask me if I have friends that might be a Mistress.
17. Ask me to describe in detail what I do with my girls.
18. Whine and complain.
19. Make bitchy comments.
20. Ask me repeatedly why I don't take sissies.
21. Offer excuses when I offer suggestions about how to find a mistress.

22. Then either ignore me when it becomes apparent I will never be their Mistress, or throw a hissy fit.

On past experience, sissies seem incapable of being friends. They are just trying to get a foot in the door, they use you without offering anything in return. They are completely pathetic, moody, lacking in humour and a complete waste of space. They also tend toward bitterness, paranoia and a persecution complex. They are relentless in their pestering, their demands and they drag me down.

...and they wonder why they can't find a Mistress?

Oh sure, there are exceptions. I have known Dominant sissies that are great, I know cross dressers and transgendered who are not really sissies and play women, no problem. But if I play the odds, I'm not going to allow sissies into my Second Life.

I'm playing the odds, so don't blame me, blame all the other sissies that have acted like complete cunts.

I'll add one more thing ~ I do like men! But I'm not here for men. If I was here for men, I'd be interested in men that act like men, not men who what to dress in pink frilly stuff and act pathetic. I find nothing remotely attractive about sissies.

So please, don't even try. And if you are wondering why you can't find a Mistress, read my words and ask yourself if it applies to you.

I am aware of the irony in this. I have previously complained about the fact that most women looking for a Mistress are actually men. I don't actually have any problem with with men pretending to be women (so long as they don't try to take me for a ride), it's okay if they do a decent job of acting like women because I like women as a rule. But sissies act like pathetic men. I dislike pathetic people of any gender.

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