Thursday, 12 July 2012

Political Correctness gone mad

[14:36:25] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): sooo Never?
[14:36:29] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): your a fairy?
[14:36:30] Never Sieyes: yes?
[14:36:33] Never Sieyes: nope
[14:36:37] Never Sieyes: i can be tho
[14:37:05] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): talk about the pot calling the kettle black
[14:37:11] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): omg
[14:37:15] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): evil vicks!
[14:37:40] 乙σ Aυяуη (zornnorseman): vicky and kovu have a tendancy to make me say stuff that come back to BITE me

Edited for clarity.

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