Thursday, 27 September 2012

The Sweeney

I don't think it will mean much to young people when I say that I get really pissed off when the movie industry remakes old classics from the 1960s and 1970s. But it does really, really piss me off!

I guess this is probably because it is hard to understand how important some of these programs are. Back in the 1970s, there were no computers or home video games to distract you. I used to spend most of my time drawing.  There were only three TV channels, and much of what was show must have been total crap because I don't remember it. After the kids shows finished, my parents would choose what we would watch... Thursday nights we would all sit down to watch Top of the Pops, and of course the Muppet Show was on Saturday night. We would always watch Morcambe & Wise, The Two Ronnies, and of course Porridge. My mum might want to watch Upstairs, Downstairs, or When the boat comes in (Which were really fucking bleak!).

But in my house, when dad wanted to watch something, it was a real event.He wouldn't have anyone making a noise, so we would all sit down in front of the TV. Food would be provided, at the very least it was sweets and crisps. Or he might bring home crab from the fishmonger, or in the winter he would roast chestnuts.

So when Budgie, Callan or The Sweeney came on, it was the highlight of the week. It is more than just nostalgia for me. Just hearing the theme tune stirs deep feelings. It is warm and comforting.

Aside from that, a program like the Sweeney was a product of it's time. How can you remake it and set it in 2012? It is just lazy, it is just trying to cache in. I really wish they would use their imaginations and come up with something original. The Sweeney is more than just a TV show. It's more than a cult classic.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Keirsey Temperament Sorter Results ~ Artisan

Artisans are the temperament with a natural ability to excel in any of the arts, not only the fine arts such as painting and sculpting, or the performing arts such as music, theater, and dance, but also the athletic, military, political, mechanical, and industrial arts, as well as the "art of the deal" in business.

Artisans are most at home in the real world of solid objects that can be made and manipulated, and of real-life events that can be experienced in the here and now. Artisans have exceptionally keen senses, and love working with their hands. They seem right at home with tools, instruments, and vehicles of all kinds, and their actions are usually aimed at getting them where they want to go, and as quickly as possible. Thus Artisans will strike off boldly down roads that others might consider risky or impossible, doing whatever it takes, rules or no rules, to accomplish their goals. This devil-may-care attitude also gives the Artisans a winning way with people, and they are often irresistibly charming with family, friends, and co-workers.

Artisans want to be where the action is; they seek out adventure and show a constant hunger for pleasure and stimulation. They believe that variety is the spice of life, and that doing things that aren't fun or exciting is a waste of time. Artisans are impulsive, adaptable, competitive, and believe the next throw of the dice will be the lucky one. They can also be generous to a fault, always ready to share with their friends from the bounty of life. Above all, Artisans need to be free to do what they wish, when they wish. They resist being tied or bound or confined or obligated; they would rather not wait, or save, or store, or live for tomorrow. In the Artisan view, today must be enjoyed, for tomorrow may never come.

There are many Artisans, perhaps 30 to 35 percent of the population, which is good, because they create much of the beauty, grace, fun, and excitement the rest of us enjoy in life.

Artisans at Work
Artisans seek to make an impact upon the organizations where they work and upon society at large. Their alertness to current realities, the joy they take in variation, and their tendency to follow their instincts to 'what works' make them good troubleshooters and negotiators, talented performers and craftspeople and excellent leaders in all kinds of emergencies and chaotic situations.

In the workworld, it is often the "mechanics" of things draws your interest and attention. You have an uncanny ability to manipulate the world of objects around you, especially with your hands and body. Your master of the tools of your trade allows you to do things other people find risky or difficult. Although you appreciate a sense of order, you have little tolerance for routine. Artisans like you tend to break out of the arbitrary confines of some workplaces impulsively.

Another Keirsey Test


You scored 7 Extravert, 13 Sensing, 19 Thinking, and 12 Judging

The Keirsey Test says you are/have:

Extravreted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging.

E: An E for extraversion probably means you relate more easily to the outer world of people and things than to the inner world of ideas.

S: An S for sensing probably means you would rather work with known facts than look for possibilities and relationships.

T: A T for thinking probably means you base your judgments more on impersonal analysis and logic than on personal values.

J: A J for the judging attitude probably means you like a planned, decided, orderly way of life better than a flexible, spontaneous way.

NOTE: If you got a 5 for Extraversion, or a 10 for Sensing, Thinking, or Judging, then you actually get an X in place of that letter. This means that you scored equally extraverted/introverted, etc.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Need a pick-me-up

Hopefully a little garage will do the trick.

The Squires - Going all the way

Kenny & the Kasuals ~ Things Gettin' Better

The Starfires ~ I never did lover her

The Rogues ~ It's The Same All Over The World

Another personality test (BDSM)

Another test! It's been a slow day!

You Scored as Dominant
Dominant |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 96%
Exhibitionist / Voyeur |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 86%
Experimental |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 82%
Sadist ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 79%
Switch ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 39%
Bondage |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 36%
Degradation ||||||||||||||||||||||||| 25%
Masochist |||||||||||||||||| 18%
Vanilla |||||||||||||| 14%
Submissive ||||||||||| 11%

This test seems to have a flaw. How can I be 96% dominant, 11% submissive, yet still 39% switch?

I know where they went wrong. The questions confuse my will and desire to please my sub with being submissive. Being selfish isn't being dominant. Having the ability to please and satisfy, to control emotions and pleasure is power. I like to exercise that power. I think the test has taken questions regarding my consideration for a partner and bumped up my sub and switch score.

I made a kink list

You can find it here.

I just copied a pretty good list, added some obvious omissions which I have encountered over the last few years. And asked some more probing questions about some of the more extreme fetishes.

I don't know what I'm going to do with the list yet, but you may want to take a look. Who knows, you may even want to fill it in. I'd appreciate any feedback about ways to improve it.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

It's about that time of year again. Sometime in the first half of September when I have my birthday. I never reveal the exact day for obvious reasons. In the real world I let it pass without without mention because I don't like attention. But on the web, it does mean something... which is that I can be timeless here. Act as old as I feel on any given day.

Last year, I posted myself this song in a self depreciating kinda way, I am going to post it again and say, "Challenge accepted".

Why Try ~ Kaleidoscopic 

Why try? Because I have my girls and I should be my best. And thats why I'll also post this song, because it's everything I try to be. And I'm trying hard at the moment.
She Lives ~ 13th Floor Elevators

Monday, 10 September 2012


Note to self

She is the object of my affection.

I love her, I adore her, I put her on a pedistal.
I miss her when she isn't there, and get a warm feeling when she is with me.
I am amazed by her tallents, I'm happy when she is creating, it makes me proud.
When she tells me about her vocation, I'm proud she makes the world a better place,
I feel lucky to have such a wonderful warm, loving person give themself to me.
Her interlect and wit thrill me. I am filled with pride to see her standing tall.

And she is a filthy little slut.
A dirty, whorish, arse licking, piss drinker. A reprehensable cunt.

And I love her all the same.
I love her when she is crawling like a dog.
I love her when she is smeared in her own filth.

My gift to her is accept her in her entirity,
to let her be the slut she is,
encourage her to roam free in her depravity.
And protect her while she is there.

This is my gift. My unconditional love, unbreakable and unshockable.
Freedom to be herself with me, protected from the scorn of society.

And thats why I own her. It's because I deserve her.
I deserve her because I want her. I am happy to take it all,
the sweet angel and the filthy whore.
The bitch, the victim, the brat, the reprograde, accepted gratefully,
shared, enjoyed, kept secret and guarded with my life.


I wrote this because I have to keep reminding myself why I do this and what makes me a Domme rather than just a lover or a friend. I'm a nice person, I like fairness, I'm egalitarian, and I'm not a sadist or abusive by nature. I try hard to treat people with consideration... sometimes it's hard to remember to consider they might like some abuse and to be treated as a slut and slave.