Monday, 10 September 2012

Note to self

She is the object of my affection.

I love her, I adore her, I put her on a pedistal.
I miss her when she isn't there, and get a warm feeling when she is with me.
I am amazed by her tallents, I'm happy when she is creating, it makes me proud.
When she tells me about her vocation, I'm proud she makes the world a better place,
I feel lucky to have such a wonderful warm, loving person give themself to me.
Her interlect and wit thrill me. I am filled with pride to see her standing tall.

And she is a filthy little slut.
A dirty, whorish, arse licking, piss drinker. A reprehensable cunt.

And I love her all the same.
I love her when she is crawling like a dog.
I love her when she is smeared in her own filth.

My gift to her is accept her in her entirity,
to let her be the slut she is,
encourage her to roam free in her depravity.
And protect her while she is there.

This is my gift. My unconditional love, unbreakable and unshockable.
Freedom to be herself with me, protected from the scorn of society.

And thats why I own her. It's because I deserve her.
I deserve her because I want her. I am happy to take it all,
the sweet angel and the filthy whore.
The bitch, the victim, the brat, the reprograde, accepted gratefully,
shared, enjoyed, kept secret and guarded with my life.


I wrote this because I have to keep reminding myself why I do this and what makes me a Domme rather than just a lover or a friend. I'm a nice person, I like fairness, I'm egalitarian, and I'm not a sadist or abusive by nature. I try hard to treat people with consideration... sometimes it's hard to remember to consider they might like some abuse and to be treated as a slut and slave.

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