Thursday, 25 October 2012


[03:47:46] dominique: hello Miss
[03:48:19] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Hello dear
[03:48:38] dominique: you have a good look Miss
[03:49:28] dominique: Miss, you seek a slave?
[03:49:38] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): Isn't dominique a girls name?
[03:50:28] dominique: women and male
[03:50:58] dominique: i have no limite Miss
[03:51:06] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I do
[03:52:30] dominique: okey.. good day Miss
[04:00:29] dominique: i think you are not a Mistress
[04:01:20] νicky Caramel (vinny.caramel): I'm sorry darling, you seem to have mistaken me for somebody who gives a shit.
[04:03:24] dominique: wouaa !! you have a problème, bye

And my problem is.....?