Saturday, 17 November 2012

Meanwhile in the holy land...

Right after US elections, right before Israeli elections, and after a period of peace. On November 8th, a 12 year old Palestinian child is murdered while playing football by an Israeli army sniper. Hamas retaliates with improvised rockets.

Two days later, Israel kills two more children, again they were just playing football. Hamas retaliates with more rockets, it is all they have. Israel responds with extra judicial killings and artillery, air strikes and naval bombardment of one of the most densely populated places on earth, where half population are children.

I have followed this for years, there is no doubt Israel targets children in order to provoke the Palestinians and thus use it as an excuse for bombardments and incursions, which they claim are self defence, but in reality are an attempt to harass Palestinians into leaving. It's ethnic cleansing.

The extra-judicial killings are against international law, the fact they do little to avoid collateral damage is a war crime. The occupation is illegal, the building of settlements is against the Hague Convention, and the whole situation is basically apartheid. Targeting children is more than just against international law, it is an affront to human decency. There is no doubt, Zionism is despicable, Israel is a shit stain on human history, and the fact that the western world turns a blind eye shames us as a species.

The only good news is that Israel has already lost. In their attempt to annex Palestinian land to create a greater Israel, they have made a two-state-solution impossible. And a one-state-solution means a Palestinian majority. Kiss goodbye to the Jewish state... the very idea of which should make any thinking person cringe.

Thats why there is apartheid. If you thought the South Africans were scum, at least they didn't shell the townships.

Lets keep in mind... Palestine does not officially exist. There is no Palestinian state. And Israel has no declared borders, but it controls the borders of Gaza and the West Bank, and these two 'disputed areas' are controlled by checkpoints, watch towers, army bases, and a network of Israeli settlements and settler only roads. It has gone way beyond occupation. Regardless of how it is drawn on a map, the Palestinians live a series of refugee camps within Israel. They are disallowed representation within Israel, often they are denied access to hospitals, medical supplies, food, and the settlers even pump their sewage into the Palestinian's water supplies.

This has gone on for sixty years and we keep letting them get away with it, and you wonder why people strap bombs to them self? They have nothing left but their anger and their religion. We all suffer for this.

Top Ten Myths about Israeli Attack on Gaza

It makes me sick.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Ear Worms

Don't get me wrong, I do like my women with functioning vaginas, but after having that song in my head for about three weeks now, enough is enough.

I deserve a break and I got one. This morning when I saw Ohhhmmmm and said, "Hello stranger" I got myself an instant ear worm. And a rather pleasant one at that.

Barbara Lewis ~ Hello Stranger

Considering what I said to here, it is no great mystery where this earworm came from. And so it was stuck in my head all day... and then later I was talking to Becca when Oooohhhhmmm showed up again and I told her U had myself an earworm and that I'd blog about it later.

Within minutes I found I had a new earworm.... and I'm not even going to attempt to offer explanation. I'm gonna stop digging!

The Wet Spots ~  Do You Take It?

Monday, 5 November 2012

More random pics

Zombie Hunter Outfit

My girls

James Bond party

In my latex cat suit with the golden gun replica made for me out of mesh my Linn.

Linn dancing in a glass in opening credits style.
Becca as dead golden girl