Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reclaiming Nancy

Another ear worm caused by a TV advert.

Nancy Wilson - How Glad I Am

They really should ban adverts from using old classics. It isn't fair that people should be introduced to them via baby food and forever form that association! Here is the full song with pictures to help give you a new memory.

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Don't understand it?

I'm making this post for AndrewV69 who said:-

Not my thing at all. I also really do not understand why some people get off on being a sub either. None of the stuff I have read makes any sense to me, especially the part about feeling safe? (6847
I don't want to give you a 'just so' story and take you back to the Savanna, but I think evolutionary-psychology could explain what is often being played out here.

I think the case has been made that being dominant is a high risk strategy, but it can be extremely fruitful, which is why we are all related to Genghis Khan... or something like that.

It seems to be most people's instinct is to assume that if dominance gets you to the top of the pile, submission must put you on the bottom of the pile. This is absurd, as it is those that refuse to submit to authority that find themselves on the margins of society, those that submit can get into the inner circle of those with the power... assuming they aren't useless idiots.

I give you our old friend, The Justicar!

I have to state that I am not suggesting for a moment that Justicar has a submissive personality, quite the opposite, his assertiveness would force him towards being dominant. But note that I'd be willing to bet that he fully understood what was expected of him not just in terms of a 'job' but the role he played. I would bet that he was not only extremely competent in his duties, but in matters beyond his duties too. He is intelligent, diligent, and yes... he is cute enough to be able to get away with being snarky.

In this role he would have had to have been submissive. More than that he probably would have had to stay three steps ahead to keep his boss happy. So not just passive but active.

But he is clearly telling you what the payoff is. He 'belongs' to one of the most powerful men in the regiment, so it would be a case of, "Nobody fucks with MY driver". Aside from that, he is in a position where he is on first name basis with the officer's wifes... which says says everything about his access to power.

I think I have made the case that being submissive, as long as you can also make yourself useful, can be a successful evolutionary strategy. I would also suggest it is actually a better strategy than being dominant because although you could fall alongside whoever you give your allegiance to, there is also a chance that you could survive and whoever usurped them will find you useful too.

But evolution doesn't work without reproduction, and there is some evidence that people in power tend towards high sex drives, and I'd suggest that submissive people are as likely to find power and aphrodisiac just like anybody else. My experiences would certainly suggest this.

So if we assume that dominant people are producing offspring with submissive people, how are they likely to turn out? Your guess is as good as mine as to what is nature and what is nurture, but I suspect that they are born with the potential to be either dominant or submissive.

I have asked people in the scene about their family and have noticed some trends. I will use my own family as an example. I can think of nobody within my family who is not either dominant (domineering) or submissive. There is a fair scattering of homosexuals and bisexuals in my family. Neither gender or sexuality is a predictor of dominance or submission, although the women tend towards being dominant. Some of the women in my family who are submissive will assume the role of dominant (to the point of abusive and violent behavior) when not partnered with a dominant man. Submissive people are capable of being very manipulative when it suits them. Dominants will partner with others that are equally dominant.

Some of my grandparents and parents generation entered into marriages of convenience to hide their homosexuality, yet these partnerships were still one of a dominant and a submissive.

Also interesting is the career choices of my family who tend towards the military, police, fire service, nursing and education. All careers with a very structured hierarchy.

So my hypothesis, is that there really are 'born leaders', but there are also born followers and that they come from the same stock.

I won't bore you with more detail, but I am aware that much of this is learned behavior. However I do think there is a nature part to this. When it comes to BDSM, there are a lot of people who play at it, but there are those who can't really do it any other way, (just as  DeepInsideYourMind says). Where it gets confusing for people on the outside is the sex part, especially kinky sex. I can't say that it isn't about sex, but it doesn't have to be about sex. But power is an aphrodisiac. And sex is very intimate, connected with trust and vulnerability. Many of the kinks and fetishes somehow involve primal instincts, some kind of pack behavior or have some relation to power and control. Somehow it all comes together.

I hope this makes the subject a little less mysterious.

Monday, 19 August 2013

The Great Society

It has come to my attention that some fans of Jefferson Airplane are unaware of The Great Society. In order to remedy this tragic situation I have the pleasure of presenting this sampler.

Warning: Many of these videos contain photos of Grace Slick which may cause love, lust and obsession.

  1. Grimly forming
  2. Often as I may
  3. You can't cry
  4. Didn't think so
  5. Darkly smiling
  6. White rabbit
  7. Born to be burned
  8. Everybody knows / Nature Boy
  9. She's got it on her mind
  10. Daydream, nightmare, love
  11. Arbitration
  12. Somebody to love

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vicky Caramel - Banned by the BBC

I made the list of worst offending trolls mentioned BBC's Newsnight, in what appears to be a truly awful piece of journalism.

Most of level one seem to be the real trolls and fake accounts, but level two is a regular who's who of Twitter's best skeptics, free thinkers, and atheists and I am honoured to be listed alongside people such as mykeru, Thunderf00t, saramayhew, ReneeHendricks, NoelPlum99 and Integralmathyt.

How did I make list? My guess is that it was when I pointed out the hypocrisy of professional feminist Ophelia Benson. To cut a long story short, having made capital out of a news story of a girl having acid thrown in her face, she let it pass without comment when one of her sycophants offered to kneecap her detractors. In a sarcastic tweet I asked if she had a preference for knee-capping over acid attacks.

Ok, so Twitter isn't the best medium for getting a point across as it is only 174 characters. But she is an experienced user and is capable of following threads. So when she represented my tweet as a threat, it was completely dishonest, especially as in the proceeding 3 hours dozens of other users jumped on the incident. Of course, there was no condemnation of knee-capping tweet (even though it was quickly deleted) and no apology to me... I was quickly blocked by  her and a large number of radical feminists, manginas and intimidating Scottish Nationalist.

So there you go. For those people who have spend months criticizing Atheism+ and are now butt-hurt for not making the list -- sorry! But this isn't a list of trolls as they would have you would have you believe, it isn't even a list of satirists and piss takers. They thrive on all that and use it as evidence that they are victims. Atheism+ and Free Thought Blogs are a vanity trip, so to really irk them, you have to pounce on an embarrassing mistake which exposes these professional victims for what they really are.

Friday, 28 June 2013


Missing man formation
Loota would pester me for a fight every time I saw her without fail. And when I did she would always be encouraging about my performance. Loota was the first person I ever shot down and she praised me for it. She was a good looser and a good winner, always positive. Enthusiastic and cheerful, she made it hard for me to say no when she would pester me for a dogfight. Right now I can barely walk around my own sim without crashing, but when I am able to fly again I will. I miss it. Flying had been a relaxing way to pass the time until Loota came along and showed me it could be a fun and exciting way to pass the time.

When flying, you aren't talking, so I can't say I knew her well... but I really wish I had.

For as long as I stay in this virtual world, the name Loota Klossovsky will be on my friends list.


Thursday, 6 June 2013

Again and again and again

I have the same conversation pretty much 3-10 times a week, depending on the time of year. It goes something like this:-

Prospect: Hello Mistress.
Vicky: Hello, what can you do for me?
Prospect: I would like to be yours.
Vicky: I am probably too much for you. Have you read my profile, do you know what I want?
Prospect: Yes, I am a very submissive girl, I will do anything you ask.
Vicky: Have you read this ~
Prospect: No, I'm reading it now.
Vicky: Good.
Prospect: Sounds hot. Will you take this girl?
Vicky: Can you give me what I want?
Prospect: I will do anything for you Mistress.
Vicky: You will give me some of your RL?
Prospect: Yes, I would love that.
Vicky: And photos?
Prospect: Yes.
Vicky: Oh you sent me photos of your pussy. Lovely! Fantastic! Very nice.
Prospect: Will you give me a collar mistress.
Vicky: First I want you to send me a photo. Put you keys between your feet and send me a photo. Wear nice shoes.
Prospect: But I just sent you photos.
Vicky: Yes, but I didn't ask for porn and they could be anyone, you could have got them off a porn site. So can you send me the photo of your keys and feet in a timely fashion?
Prospect: If you don't believe me I won't bother you again.
Vicky: Okay bye.
Prospect: They are photos of me. I am a little insulted that you think I am trying to trick you.
Vicky: So if I put those photos into Google-Images, I won't find them on a porn site?
Prospect: No Mistress.
Vicky: Okay great, I believe you, thanks for showing me. Now I would like to see your shoes. It's a simple request, I want to see your feet either side of your keys. I can't think of any reason why that would be difficult considering you just showed me you cunt and your tits.
Prospect: I will tomorrow. I have to go now.

I have heard every excuse as to why they can't send a simple photo within a reasonable time-frame, from broken cameras to failed uploads. I have heard every excuse as to why the photos they did send are on a zillion porn websites, and the one I hear all the time is, "I will send you a photo once I get to know you better".  I have this conversation several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I need to quickly sort through the time wasters,  do not have time to get to know you better.

I never said it was easy to be my sub, it isn't. I don't go looking for prospects, they come to me. If you want to belong to me, be ready to give me what I want.

Monday, 29 April 2013

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Doggie Treats

Especially for my puppy slut Ophelia, I have got myself some puppy panties. When she's a good girl she will get to see photos of me having adventures in my panties.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


By Monica

I thought it might help to put some of my random chaotic thoughts into words.
A Domme has your best interests in mind, She knows whats best for you and how to help control your inner most desires and fears, for someone like me She is strong in all the ways I am not. Makes me feel safe and secure. I'm happy making others happy. I'm happy knowing I can make her day a little better when we are together. I admit I don't know everything and I don't have all the answers and I'm going to mess up but, but she will help me and guide me and make me into a better person.
I think a Domme and sub complete each other, each of us gets an outlet for the things we need. Regardless how good a relationship may be without a Miss it's a very empty existence. I don't really know how to explain that very well I just know being owned, giving myself completely to someone is something that I need. I guess it's like air I cant really explain air I just need it. Maybe I wouldn't die without a Domme in my life, but a part of me a huge part of me would certainly feel as though it did die.

She is my world.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

What is virtual domination?

What is RL Domination, Virtual Domination, Remote Domination. I have always been reluctant to give too much away because I don't want to ruin the surprise, but now maybe it is time to reveal more about it.

There are no prizes for guessing that I tell you to do stuff via the computer, and you do it there, where you are in the real world.

This could involve just about anything -- I have had a girl drive down Route 66 waving her panties out of the window, I have had a girl wear an adult diaper and pee herself in a shopping mall. I have had girls moosh fruit with their feet (and other parts), I have had them climb trees with no underwear on, and I have had them go out in public wearing underwear made from plastic bags.

Before I go on, I should say a bit about my style. I'm not a sadist, I don't make girls do things they absolutely hate. In fact I am the opposite, I like to find out what makes somebody tick and press all their buttons. So what I do with a girl depends very much on the girl. I will find out what really excites her and I will get my pleasure by taking her there. I get off on trust and on power... to me real power is having the ability to affect somebody's emotions and change the way they feel about them self.

And so I may angle my tasks to make a sub feel good about themselves, or I could humiliate them. It may be that they crave excitement in which case I will do things that give them a thrill, or they may wish to be desired, lusted after and to behave like a little slut.

Things will also depend on the girl's circumstances. Some girls are single and live alone, others have a family. Some are out at work during the day, others are stuck at home. Some like to go walking in the woods, some like the city. Whatever the situation, I will come up with imaginative and fun things to do. Some will be spectacular and some mundane. Mundane things may include letting me choose their underwear (if any), their clothes, or even what they have for dinner... some girls just like me to make decision for them.

I do very much like to play games. I might sometimes give a girl three different tasks of varying difficulty and gamble to see which she does. Sometimes I may have a girl do all three humiliating tasks and gamble to see which ones she sends me photos of.

Oh yes, there will be photos! Unless a girl particularly wants to be my porn star, then I don't require a stream of pornography, but I will require some photographic evidence. If you don't have a camera or webcam then don't even apply.And I don't start off slowly either, I have far to many men pretending to be women who waste my time. So I will require photos straight away that prove you are female and prove you are brave enough to play my games.

There are limitations to this game. It is hard to do pain without being very creative. Obviously there is no physical contact and no meetings, and I don't want to know anyone's real identity unless they want me to blackmail them. In fact, safety is the primary concern -- obviously sometimes a hint of danger is fun but this stuff is not worth ruining anyone's life over. Rule #1 is don't get caught. I should also mention that I am very selfish and don't like to share my toys. There are some girls who would like me to humiliate them by showing them off to people but i don't like to do that. I like secrets and for a girl to trust me completely, to share things with me that she would never share with another living soul. I want to get them to a stage where they would do practically anything I ask and deny me nothing.

So why do it? Because very few of us are in a position to enter a D/s relationship in the real world -- and this is as close as you can get. Life is too short to deny yourself. I would almost say it is as close as you can get to the real thing, but make no mistake, it is the real thing and it is hugely rewarding.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Finest Fuzzy Texas Garage Punk

Kenny And The Kasuals - Revelations

Kenny And The Kasuals - Come on Kid

Nobody's Children ~ Good Times

The Sparkles ~ I Want to be Free

The 13th Floor Elevators ~ Scarlet and Gold

My girls

Sunday, 17 February 2013

FIN *Relive the fifties*

I am happy to say that FIN is back in a new location and with some new clothes on the shelves. The new sim is under construction but will be back with newly made 1950s style furniture and clothes. Theres a beach and there are rumours of a diner and live music. It seems that Nil had a lot of his stuff swallowed by the Linden beast, but he is working hard to make all this work. It may also be worth keeping an eye on his Marketplace Shop for updates.
Vintage Dress April
Retro Capri Pants and Rockabilly Cherry Button Down Shirt
Retro Capri Pants and Rockabilly Cherry Button Down Shirt
Swimsuit Blue and FIN Classic Shoes (Blue)
Retro Flower Party Dress

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Bombing of Dresden

We are in the anniversary of the fire bombing, another year has gone by without an apology from the British government.

We started the war as the good guys...
Britain had suffered the blitz and it had not broken our spirit, there was no sane reason to believe that destroying German cities would break the German's spirit. But even if it had, there was no reason to believe that the broken spirits of German women, children, old people, would change Hitler's mind.

There were no soldiers in Dresden. It was full of the civilians who lived there, and civilians who were sheltering there as refugees. Even if firebombing cities had been been a successful tactic, it would be an end that the means just do not justify. According to the leaders we have had in recent years, targeting civilians can never be justified... it is terrorism. It has been described as cowardly and 'evil'.

It would be healthy for Britain to acknowledge our hypocrisy and to issue a formal apology.

I wasn't alive at the time. My relatives had no part in this, they had no say in this, I bare not guilt or blame. But I am British and so this was done in my name. I think the British people are owed an apology along with the people of Dresden.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Official Sponsor of the Slymepit's orgy


  PicPaste: tits-niuKWP8C.jpgIt appears that the Slymepit's latest thread gives me a mention in the title... or at least my bewbies.

Slyme Pit Orgy, Sponsored by Vicky's Bewbs

I heard they were in need of some heavyweights, so signed up. During the initial bater I flashed by boobs and it seems they have honoured my intellectual contribution.

Anyway... I have to say I am really rather flattered, but at the same time I don't want to clutter up the Slymepit with my attention whoring. So I will say that 'no', it is not mirror writing, I had a friend write on me and take the photo. And yes, I will do another 'Chill Girl' one complete with pearl necklace, just for the lulz and because as @Mykeru says, "Pissing people off is its own reward. How many people you piss off is a rough measure of your efficacy as a human being."

Is this dehumanizing? Objectifying? Blah, I am far too tired to think about it.

As requested, complete with pearl necklace