Sunday, 20 January 2013

Official Sponsor of the Slymepit's orgy


  PicPaste: tits-niuKWP8C.jpgIt appears that the Slymepit's latest thread gives me a mention in the title... or at least my bewbies.

Slyme Pit Orgy, Sponsored by Vicky's Bewbs

I heard they were in need of some heavyweights, so signed up. During the initial bater I flashed by boobs and it seems they have honoured my intellectual contribution.

Anyway... I have to say I am really rather flattered, but at the same time I don't want to clutter up the Slymepit with my attention whoring. So I will say that 'no', it is not mirror writing, I had a friend write on me and take the photo. And yes, I will do another 'Chill Girl' one complete with pearl necklace, just for the lulz and because as @Mykeru says, "Pissing people off is its own reward. How many people you piss off is a rough measure of your efficacy as a human being."

Is this dehumanizing? Objectifying? Blah, I am far too tired to think about it.

As requested, complete with pearl necklace