Sunday, 14 April 2013

What is virtual domination?

What is RL Domination, Virtual Domination, Remote Domination. I have always been reluctant to give too much away because I don't want to ruin the surprise, but now maybe it is time to reveal more about it.

There are no prizes for guessing that I tell you to do stuff via the computer, and you do it there, where you are in the real world.

This could involve just about anything -- I have had a girl drive down Route 66 waving her panties out of the window, I have had a girl wear an adult diaper and pee herself in a shopping mall. I have had girls moosh fruit with their feet (and other parts), I have had them climb trees with no underwear on, and I have had them go out in public wearing underwear made from plastic bags.

Before I go on, I should say a bit about my style. I'm not a sadist, I don't make girls do things they absolutely hate. In fact I am the opposite, I like to find out what makes somebody tick and press all their buttons. So what I do with a girl depends very much on the girl. I will find out what really excites her and I will get my pleasure by taking her there. I get off on trust and on power... to me real power is having the ability to affect somebody's emotions and change the way they feel about them self.

And so I may angle my tasks to make a sub feel good about themselves, or I could humiliate them. It may be that they crave excitement in which case I will do things that give them a thrill, or they may wish to be desired, lusted after and to behave like a little slut.

Things will also depend on the girl's circumstances. Some girls are single and live alone, others have a family. Some are out at work during the day, others are stuck at home. Some like to go walking in the woods, some like the city. Whatever the situation, I will come up with imaginative and fun things to do. Some will be spectacular and some mundane. Mundane things may include letting me choose their underwear (if any), their clothes, or even what they have for dinner... some girls just like me to make decision for them.

I do very much like to play games. I might sometimes give a girl three different tasks of varying difficulty and gamble to see which she does. Sometimes I may have a girl do all three humiliating tasks and gamble to see which ones she sends me photos of.

Oh yes, there will be photos! Unless a girl particularly wants to be my porn star, then I don't require a stream of pornography, but I will require some photographic evidence. If you don't have a camera or webcam then don't even apply.And I don't start off slowly either, I have far to many men pretending to be women who waste my time. So I will require photos straight away that prove you are female and prove you are brave enough to play my games.

There are limitations to this game. It is hard to do pain without being very creative. Obviously there is no physical contact and no meetings, and I don't want to know anyone's real identity unless they want me to blackmail them. In fact, safety is the primary concern -- obviously sometimes a hint of danger is fun but this stuff is not worth ruining anyone's life over. Rule #1 is don't get caught. I should also mention that I am very selfish and don't like to share my toys. There are some girls who would like me to humiliate them by showing them off to people but i don't like to do that. I like secrets and for a girl to trust me completely, to share things with me that she would never share with another living soul. I want to get them to a stage where they would do practically anything I ask and deny me nothing.

So why do it? Because very few of us are in a position to enter a D/s relationship in the real world -- and this is as close as you can get. Life is too short to deny yourself. I would almost say it is as close as you can get to the real thing, but make no mistake, it is the real thing and it is hugely rewarding.

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