Thursday, 6 June 2013

Again and again and again

I have the same conversation pretty much 3-10 times a week, depending on the time of year. It goes something like this:-

Prospect: Hello Mistress.
Vicky: Hello, what can you do for me?
Prospect: I would like to be yours.
Vicky: I am probably too much for you. Have you read my profile, do you know what I want?
Prospect: Yes, I am a very submissive girl, I will do anything you ask.
Vicky: Have you read this ~
Prospect: No, I'm reading it now.
Vicky: Good.
Prospect: Sounds hot. Will you take this girl?
Vicky: Can you give me what I want?
Prospect: I will do anything for you Mistress.
Vicky: You will give me some of your RL?
Prospect: Yes, I would love that.
Vicky: And photos?
Prospect: Yes.
Vicky: Oh you sent me photos of your pussy. Lovely! Fantastic! Very nice.
Prospect: Will you give me a collar mistress.
Vicky: First I want you to send me a photo. Put you keys between your feet and send me a photo. Wear nice shoes.
Prospect: But I just sent you photos.
Vicky: Yes, but I didn't ask for porn and they could be anyone, you could have got them off a porn site. So can you send me the photo of your keys and feet in a timely fashion?
Prospect: If you don't believe me I won't bother you again.
Vicky: Okay bye.
Prospect: They are photos of me. I am a little insulted that you think I am trying to trick you.
Vicky: So if I put those photos into Google-Images, I won't find them on a porn site?
Prospect: No Mistress.
Vicky: Okay great, I believe you, thanks for showing me. Now I would like to see your shoes. It's a simple request, I want to see your feet either side of your keys. I can't think of any reason why that would be difficult considering you just showed me you cunt and your tits.
Prospect: I will tomorrow. I have to go now.

I have heard every excuse as to why they can't send a simple photo within a reasonable time-frame, from broken cameras to failed uploads. I have heard every excuse as to why the photos they did send are on a zillion porn websites, and the one I hear all the time is, "I will send you a photo once I get to know you better".  I have this conversation several times a week, sometimes several times a day. I need to quickly sort through the time wasters,  do not have time to get to know you better.

I never said it was easy to be my sub, it isn't. I don't go looking for prospects, they come to me. If you want to belong to me, be ready to give me what I want.

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