Monday, 19 August 2013

The Great Society

It has come to my attention that some fans of Jefferson Airplane are unaware of The Great Society. In order to remedy this tragic situation I have the pleasure of presenting this sampler.

Warning: Many of these videos contain photos of Grace Slick which may cause love, lust and obsession.

  1. Grimly forming
  2. Often as I may
  3. You can't cry
  4. Didn't think so
  5. Darkly smiling
  6. White rabbit
  7. Born to be burned
  8. Everybody knows / Nature Boy
  9. She's got it on her mind
  10. Daydream, nightmare, love
  11. Arbitration
  12. Somebody to love

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Vicky Caramel - Banned by the BBC

I made the list of worst offending trolls mentioned BBC's Newsnight, in what appears to be a truly awful piece of journalism.

Most of level one seem to be the real trolls and fake accounts, but level two is a regular who's who of Twitter's best skeptics, free thinkers, and atheists and I am honoured to be listed alongside people such as mykeru, Thunderf00t, saramayhew, ReneeHendricks, NoelPlum99 and Integralmathyt.

How did I make list? My guess is that it was when I pointed out the hypocrisy of professional feminist Ophelia Benson. To cut a long story short, having made capital out of a news story of a girl having acid thrown in her face, she let it pass without comment when one of her sycophants offered to kneecap her detractors. In a sarcastic tweet I asked if she had a preference for knee-capping over acid attacks.

Ok, so Twitter isn't the best medium for getting a point across as it is only 174 characters. But she is an experienced user and is capable of following threads. So when she represented my tweet as a threat, it was completely dishonest, especially as in the proceeding 3 hours dozens of other users jumped on the incident. Of course, there was no condemnation of knee-capping tweet (even though it was quickly deleted) and no apology to me... I was quickly blocked by  her and a large number of radical feminists, manginas and intimidating Scottish Nationalist.

So there you go. For those people who have spend months criticizing Atheism+ and are now butt-hurt for not making the list -- sorry! But this isn't a list of trolls as they would have you would have you believe, it isn't even a list of satirists and piss takers. They thrive on all that and use it as evidence that they are victims. Atheism+ and Free Thought Blogs are a vanity trip, so to really irk them, you have to pounce on an embarrassing mistake which exposes these professional victims for what they really are.