Sunday, 26 October 2014

A Warning about Pigsty Ville

Here is the tl;dr version first. To see all of Pigsty Ville you have to pay to join the group. Unfortunately the owner of the group is a fruitcake who will assume you are an alt of somebody who is out to get him. So you could be banned without warning due to his paranoia, losing your money in the process.

Pigsty Ville is a sim in SL which caters to every perversion. It is a truly filthy place, much of it does turn my stomach. It's not my bag, having said that it looks wonderful. It is probably the best looking adult sim I have seen. And that is why I not only decided to make it my #1 place to hang out, but also decided to get involved when Marlon.Ganloso, the owner started talking to me.

It wasn't just that it was a great looking sim and that Marlon is a nice guy, but he also told me that some of the other sims were out to fuck with him and close him down. He did say at the time, "Some people think I am paranoid..." and I did think he was being a bit paranoid, but I am a sucker for the underdog and decided to help him draw traffic to the site. I became the hostess there and spent a few days playing meet-and-greet.

The more he talked to me, the more he let me know about his suspicions. I concluded he did have a touch of paranoia and it was probably only a matter of time before he had a falling out with me.

Well, it took less than a week. He accused my Linn of being an alter of his ex-girlfriend (You have no idea how absurd that is) and the more reasons I gave him as to why she couldn't... lets just say that no matter what I said, he found a pattern in it that linked Linn to his ex-girlfriend and other alts. By the time he called me a bitch and took away my sim-rights I was pretty confident paranoid schizophrenia was the cause of his suspicions.

It is wrong to mock the afflicted and despite a breakdown in our relationship I decided I wanted to stay on the sim. And he seems like a nice guy... I thought he would calm down, snap out of it, and I would carry on as normal. I thought that if I was stable, sane, unchanging, I might be the one person he trusts even during an episode and I might be able to get him to seek help.

Unfortunately Ophelia logged in overnight and he banned and muted her amidst a load of abuse in German. Then he did the same to me when I logged in, then he did the same to Linn. It seems that overnight he brooded on the issue and decided that we were all out to get him.

Having spent a week as his confidant, I can tell you he suspected just about everybody who came on the sim as being an alt, and I kept telling him, "Even if they are alts, they are giving you traffic, they can't harm you, leave them alone!". I can only wonder how many people he does kick/ban from the sim, but I no longer wonder why such a great looking place is virtually empty.

I mean Marlon no ill will, the poor guy needs help. But be warned, if you pay to join, you could end up losing your money for no good reason. At least not a reason that makes any sense to you.