Frequently Asked Stoopid Questions

Q: How are you?
A: Tired from answering the same old questions.

Q: How has your day been?
A: The same as usual, filled with questions that are already answered in my profile.

Q: Are you a man?
A: Only at weekends.

Q: Why are you called Vinny.Caramel? Is your name Vincent?
A: Vinny could be short for Lavinia, ever think of that? Huh? Huh?
Actually it's short for Vinter, as my good friend Vinter Tempest said, "Come play Second Life, you'll love it, you can use my ALT. It already has loads of clothes". Vinny Caramel is no longer her alt, it now the only account I use.

Q: Do you take boys?
A: No, never.

Q: What about Sissies?
A: No, Never.

Q: I'm from Italy.
A: How many fucking more times? No! Never!

Q: What if I pay you?
A: I'll take your money as compensation for suggesting I can be bought, then I'll tell you to go fuck yourself.

Q: Do you hate sissies?
A: No, I have great respect for sissies as a rule of thumb. Some of them are wankers, but on the whole they are smart, witty, fun and amusingly bitchy.

Q: Then why won't you take sissies, I mean, if it's not sexual?
A: I simply have no interest in dominating men of any kind.

Q: If you are married RL, so like men RL, why won't you take men in SL?
A: Because I have a man RL, but I don't have a girl RL. I come here to get a little taste of what I'm not getting at home, and my husband is fine with that. We talked it through, tried to be rational about it, he couldn't be rational, but he is okay with me being with Girls, okay with me being with sissies, not okay with me being with transsexuals or men. Thats how he feels, I respect that.

Q: If he is okay with you being with sissies, why won't you take sissies?
A: Because sissies really don't do it for me. I'd rather spend my time with girls. And I want my home to be a place my girls can feel at home among girls. No boys allowed. Not even boys in dresses.

And for the record, I work long hours in an industry which is almost exclusively heterosexual and male. I'm surrounded my men all day long. And I have power over most of them. I miss female company, and spend almost all my time in SL with women or gay men. The only straight men on my friend's list are DJs or the partners of my girlfriends.

Q: Is your husband submissive?
A: Fuck no, far from it.

Q: Does your husband Dom you?
A: Depends on how much gin I have consumed.

Q: Do you switch in SL?
A: I couldn't. It's not in my nature.

Q: What are you into?
A: D/s. I like to be in control. If I can't be in control I don't like it. I also like having fun and being naughty. There are some other things I like... but if I tell you, that would ruin the surprise.
But if you strip it down to the core, what I really want is trust. If you don't instantly understand what that means, then you aren't what I'm looking for.

Q: I don't quite get what you want, what exactly do you like?
A: Sings: "Emily tries but misunderstands, she's often inclined to borrow somebody's dreams till tomorrow".

Q: Can you describe the kind of things you do with girls?
A: Oh sure, while you masturbate? I'd love to, just as soon as you write your 'Vicky's Slut' across your breasts and send me a photo.

Q: What kind of girls do you like?
A: Pretty, pale, plump and pouty. Emotionally stable, smart, witty and stylish. Willing to submit to remote domination.

Q: You take things RL? What does that mean.
A: I like remote domination - I have control over your real life in whole or part through the computer. It does not mean I want to meet RL, in fact I won't, ever. I don't expect Cam, I don't want voice. But I do expect photos, email, YIM, and of course SL.

Q: Will you prove you are a woman.
A: Yes... to whom it may concern, when it concerns them. Otherwise, you can think what you like. I like my privacy too. I'll share with people who I like, trust and who will trust me with the same.

Q: Are you a strict mistress?
A: No not really. I have very high standards, but because I chose my girls very carefully, I don't need to 'crack the whip'. Although punishments can be arranged for those that like it.

Q: I'm really interested in becoming your Pet. What's my first step?
A: I already have a perfect pet. You would have to be truly exceptional for me to consider you. So do something truly exceptional.

Q: I'm interested in being your slave in SL and RL. What's my first step?
A: Just contact me in SL and stand by ready with a camera.

Q: I notice you are called Aunty or Mommy, do you age play?

A: No. The girls I find attractive are womanly with boobs and bums. If you see me with child AVIs, I will be joining in with their RP as children. It's completely innocent.

Q: Are you an ALT?
A: This is my one and only AVI, and it has barely changed since since I have been here because it's based on what I look like in real life. I will continue to make subtle changes until it is as close as I can get.

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