Lie to me

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

I'm writing this page as a preemptive strike. For as long as I have been in SL, people have tried to fool me, men have tried to pass themselves off as women, women have led me on, hiding their true intentions. As time has gone on I have become far less trusting, with obvious good reason, and I have become adept at setting traps.

It was a fun game to try and spot the fakes, but unfortunately it takes up far too much of my time. So now I am making efforts to have people self-qualify themselves -- to rule themselves out of the game before chancing their arm.

Manui Dat Cognitio Vires

I have had a long and varied career and dabbled in all sorts of things from human rights to journalism. During this time I have had training in a number of useful skills such as:-

Interrogation Techniques - I use all the same methods as the police and military. And thanks to chat logs, I have lots of data to check and cross reference. The only way to stop me getting to the truth is to stop talking, so if you are faking it, just don't talk to me.

Photo Analysis - This is my specialty. Not particularly useful until you are sending me photos. But but when you do, I will discover all sorts of information. And I will expect photos at some point, because SL just isn't enough - I will Domme your real life too. Let me repeat - This is my specialty - don't waste your time or mine making up fakes.

Statement Analysis - I can look at patterns of speech, grammar, context of words... even the way a document is laid out and glean tons of useful information.

Rhetoric/Sophistry/Psychology - I know just about every trick in the book. So if you try it on me I'll usually spot it straight away, if not the penny will drop soon enough.

Negotiation/Conflict Resolution - These are actually the most useful skills of all and I am very good at them -- I broker deals all day long! Negotiation skills are useful to me because I know exactly what I want (To have trust and confidence in you) and I know how to get there (by trading trust back and forth). There should be no conflict over this unless you are trying to trick me.
A D/s relationship is all about trust, so this is an ongoing process that will last the duration.

You will not be able to maintain the illusion.

[UPDATE] Please read this:- Can't fool me!

Caveat lector : I don't expect anybody to be anything but human, so I expect some exaggeration, white lies and little fibs. I may spot them but will let them pass if they are of no consequence. I am forgiving of human foibles, I am ruthless with malicious deception and intentional trickery, even if I am sympathetic to the motives.

She lives, no fear, doubtless in everything she knows.

There is no getting away from the fact that I am a Mommy Domme. I will be building a very close, affectionate and nurturing relationship. Trust is important more so than any other kind of relationship, and I will do virtually anything to build and maintain that trust.

Dominant people are to be found spanning a scale with Assertive on one end, Aggressive on the other. Both are motivated and driven by their values.

The aggressive type have poor values, they fear a world which they think is trying to fuck them, so they want to get in the first punch. They think it's a dog-eat-dog world and they are determined to be the baddest dog in the yard by acting the bully. They wear dominance like a suite of armour to protect the weakness and insecurity they feel within.

Assertive Dominant people have good values. They assume equality, demand justice, and are assertive because they refuse to compromise their values. Their strength comes from certainty that their values give them an unshakable foundation. Their drive comes from wanting best for themselves and those around them. Their authority is born of virtuous intent.

It is up to you to decide which end of this scale I am on. I don't pretend to be perfect. I am the first to admit my flaws and weaknesses. But I am happy for you to investigate me, test me, and make inquiries about my reputation.

My profile says, "Judge me by the company I keep". I strongly recommend you do this, I am happy for you to talk to the people who have known me longest. And I challenge you to find anybody who claims I have hurt them with anything other than honesty.