Guidelines for Girls

First Life
I like my girls to be clean and fragrant, happy and feeling good.

Before you come to see me in SecondLife, please take care of ReaLife... have a wash, put on a clean pair of knickers, and a dab of scent behind each ear.
This isn't just to please me, it's to make you feel feel slinky and sexy, the way you feel about yourself will inform your demeanor, so it may be a good idea to put on your fancy pants, or if you prefer, no panties at all.

I know it isn't always practical to dress up, and if you have just woken up, I don't mind at all that nice warm sleepy smell. Just be sure to brush your teeth and let me know you are all sleep warm and snuggly, wrapped up in your fluffy dressing gown.

I don't like to be kept waiting, so before tuning in, try and make sure you have your coffee, your cigarettes, paid a visit to the little girls room, and if you are bringing toys, ensure you have fresh batteries. Switch off your mobile phone, unless you are using it for it's camera.

Getting E-mails makes me very happy. It's a chance for you to share your thoughts and fantasies, send them to me that I might own them. I like photos too, sooner or later I will insist upon it as evidence that you carry out the RL duties I will set you. I'm willing to share, so don't be mean.

I miss my girls when they are not online, and so I sometimes send them presents. So when you log on, be careful -- don't just dismiss all your notices and pop-ups. You may need to accept a gift

Second Life
I have zero-tolerance for anybody or anything which tarnishes my reputation.

Be respectful of other people's time, especially mine. Time is my most precious commodity -- stealing it is the surest way to earn my contempt.

Be attentive. I make every effort to assure you have my full attention. If I don't have all of yours I consider it to be a theft of my time.

When you see me you will greet me - I hate to be ignored. You will also address me with the courtesy and respect which my status deserves.

If your obligations mean you can't come to me right away, tell me so right away. You will attend to your obligations.

I will find your talents, I expect you to use them for your own glorification as this reflects well on me. I can't abide laziness.

You must make me look good and make me proud -- so I expect you to look your best and dress well. Needless to say I will not be using RLV to lock your clothing. Change outfit at least twice a day. Put thought into it -- dress to impress, excite and titillate.

Sex and nudity is a commodity even in SL. Your's belongs to me, and is mine alone. You will not be seen naked, be seen engaging in lewd acts or emote in public without my express permission. In the presence of child AVIs you will behave as if they were real children.

I don't want to know about your limits. I decide what is best for you*. I don't want to see limits lists in your profile, or any other type of whining, bitching, self loathing emo nonsense. I surround myself with only the best people and that goes for my girls too. I will not tolerate moods.

You will be polite and well mannered at all times. You will be pleasant and good humored in the company of others. This does not apply to men. You may be rude, cheeky and even abusive to men, especially if they consider themselves to be dominant. You will be fearless. This amuses me greatly.

You will admit your mistakes. You will bring them to my attention. You will appreciate correction.

I love compliments and flattery. For this reason you never need ask permission to masturbate, as I find it very flattering, but you must tell me. And you must seek permission to cum.

Girls are gorgeous -- it's only natural that you have crushes. I must know about it, if you have been a good girl I may let you bring them to the house to make use of the facilities.

Your collar is a symbol, nothing more. The very thought that I would be so weak as to require gadgetry and gimmicks to exercise my prerogative is demeaning to me. Be aware that I am using other methods and my neglect of the collar is not a neglect of you.
When, and if on a leash, stay close, walk at my side or slightly behind, react to my commands.

*I do like you to fill out a kink list, for no other reason that it helps you to know yourself.