I have been looking for the right girl for my needs, for quite a while with very little luck. I think it would be helpful if I write this notecard laying out clearly what I want, why I want it, what I expect, and what I have to offer.

A D/s relationship requires trust, and trust takes time. It's a slow process and a long path. But if I lay out the path at the beginning, prospects can at least decide if they want, and have what it takes to begin the journey.

What I Want

I am looking for a girl who wishes to give to me their real life in whole or part. For the time they can afford to give me, they give them self to me completely.

Photo taken by Vinter
I have my own games and duties that I will wish them to carry out, but much will depend on the kinks of the girl in question because I very much pulling strings and pressing buttons. I have few limits and I'm willing to explore virtually any thing. I'm particularly interested in anything comical - splosh, painting, art and dressing up, play with fetish objects, forced orgasm, denial, voyeurism, exhibitionism, and bondage.

Most of the RL duties will take place while the girl is with me at the computer, some might require preparation. The girl will also be required to carry out some duties when I'm not present, sometimes in her home, sometimes not. However I will not expect the girl to put herself in any risk.

Finally I will require photographic evidence that the duties have been performed. Although I'm not asking for a stream of porn, I'm not asking for definitive proof, I will at least require good evidence and images which are erotic. It's this last part that seems to be the sticking point for most.

To Clarify - I won't want or demand your address, telephone number, or even your real name. I don't want to control you outside set times. I am not suggesting Money or Blackmail Domination. All rules and Limits will be discussed before hand, I can be flexible with the arrangements.

Photo taken by Vinter
Why I Want It

I want this because I have had a taste of it. I have had several girls with who I have had an influence in their real lives. I have planned with them, been spontaneous with them, controlled them, I have  played games with them, I have exchanged photos... mostly bits and pieces, but never really felt I owned them. Now I want it all, to bring all these elements together.

There several elements that are particularly appealing to me. The first is that it is real. Emoting and sitting on pose balls is just make believe. I'm a fully grown woman, I'm married with a good sex life, and my husband is fully aware of what I do in SL. So pose balls doesn't really compare, and I'm not getting my naughties because I'm not sneaking around behind his back. A D/s with a real person as opposed to a pixel person is far more rewarding. And I do so enjoy owning somebody.

Lastly, I believe I'm rather good at making up things to do RL. I enjoy thinking things up, I enjoy planning it, and I enjoy giving the commands. Unfortunately, I seldom see the fruits of may labours. It is real for the sub because they are there living it, but I'm stuck staring at a text box wondering what is going on... or if it is actually going on, or if it's being faked.

Photo taken by Vinter
As things stand now, I still want to keep some kind of separation, I may change my mind but I don't want cam, and I don't want voice, my reasons are explained elsewhere. However, I was involved in erotic photography long ago (It is what got me involved in BDSM), and my whole adult career I have been involved in visual mediums, from photography, art, design to video today. I'm a self confessed voyeur. My eyes are my primary sense, and I believe what I can see. Now the thought has occurred to me, it seems absurd that I can own somebody, but not be allowed to see them... doesn't it?

What I Offer

I'm online every day, over ten hours a day, I'm always available except when I'm sleeping. I have been on the Internet since the early 90s and I'm not going anywhere.

Photo taken by Vinter
I enjoy power but wield it responsibly, I'm afraid that I'm not cruel or sadistic. I'm best described as a Mommy Domme, and always try to leave people better than I found them. I have always seen sex as something which is fun, and I introduce lots of humour into my play. I really get excited about being naughty.

I'm an exhibitionist, and I share photos, I have lots and I'm more than willing to share more. Through photos I like to explore kinks and fetishes and I like to produce erotic photos which are specific to my admirer's desires.

I love to own a girl, make her mine, mould her, shape her, changer her and leave my mark. I don't exercise complete control all the time but I like to know I can. I like a girl I can be proud of and who I can show off, so I will train heavily, investing time and money.

Photo taken by Vinter
First Steps

It can take time to build trust, I understand that, and I'm willing to go slow, and start of gently. But unfortunately many people have tried (and failed) to take advantage of this, thinking that they can play with me, take advantage of me, keep making excuses and putting off the moment when they can send photos. Most of these people have been men pretending to be women, and based on my experience I estimate that 70% of girls in SL are actually men. So the only rational position for me to take is to presume all girls are actually men until they prove otherwise.

So I will begin by making simple requests. For example, I may ask you to write the date on your hand and send me a photo, I may ask you to smear peanut butter on your toes. If you are not willing to comply with even these simple requests, please don't waste my time. What I'm proposing cannot be faked - not even with the best photoshop skills.

Until I'm satisfied that I am dealing with a girl who can and will play, there will  be no play, there won't even be discussion of play (because some boys get their jollies talking about it).

Only when we will discuss the rules of the game, limits, specific areas to be explored.

I wish to stress the reason for the photos. It's primary purpose is to allow me to connect with the RL fun and games, to get a glimpse of what what I am creating/controlling. Without photos I'm sitting here staring at a text box. I feel completely disconnected, I actually feel deprived, because the person who I am supposed to own, and supposed to have a trusting relationship with, won't trust me enough to let me see. And they are having all the fun without me.

I want photos and not webcam because photos are more erotic. The photos don't have to be sent right away, they can be emailed next day. And unlike a webcam which is static and captures everything in real time, the sub has control of photos. They can choose what they take pictures off, and from what angle, what lighting. They have full editorial control. They can chose to not send photos in which they don't look good or are too explicit. The sub can, and I hope will, use them as a way to express herself, which in my opinion makes them art.

Photos can also be cleaned up, cropped, manipulated, given additional atmosphere by me (I have been using Photoshop professionally since version 3) and collected into a album which is a collaboration, a record and a body of work which both halves of the D/s can take pride in.

I will stress again, that I DO NOT expect or particularly desire a stream of porn. And the photos ARE NOT just about verifying gender.

Every task/assignment/session/scene will be played, mindful of the fact that several erotic images will be the end result. I will assume the role of both Domme and artistic director, while the sub additionally takes the role of photographer and fetish/model. I will command that photos be taken at certain moments in the proceedings, however the sub will always have control over whether they send them or not.

I will also be providing photos, and I should also stress that images from both parties are to be kept private between Domme and sub, not shown to anybody else. Although I have in mind a finished erotic work which you would be proud to show, even if anonymously.

If there are any point on which you require further clarification or wish to negotiate, please contact me.

Please read this:- Can't fool me!